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The Social Media Lie: Don’t Be Fooled By Picture-Perfect Posts

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The Social Media Lie: Don’t Be Fooled By Picture-Perfect Posts

Comparing your life to others’ social media posts could leave you feeling miserable

With social media now having pretty much taken over our lives, it’s definitely easier to stay in touch with people and know what’s going on with them — marriage, babies, promotion, travel, whatnots — it’s all out there on Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and Insta.

Many users are guilty of overusing social media and making a public spectacle of their lives without even realising it. So they want to scream from the rooftop and let everyone know how happy and successful they are.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, except if you started believing that that’s true — and if you started comparing your life to their perfect-looking Facebook posts.

Unfair Comparisons

Comparison has been a killer of creativity for long now. Even psychologists believe that drawing comparisons in an emotional or a creative context can be harmful to one’s sense of confidence and well-being.

There are cases when a child’s confidence is shattered by parents who cannot stop comparing their kids with others. And as grown-ups, our mind doesn’t work any differently!

In the social media age, these comparisons have now become much more prevalent and even more unfair. Especially when everyone is trying to project only the best part of their lives, leaving others feeling bad about their lacklustre lives.

“Open Instagram and you will see people travelling around the world and sharing pictures. They even seem happy doing mundane things like going to office everyday. It is as if everyone is trying to compensate for their boring life by creating an impression that they are happy. It’s frustrating,” says a 25-year-old Kolkata student.

Tip of the Iceberg

There’s a quote that fits well in this situation: “Do not compare your behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel”. This sends out a message that people often get to see only the successes of others — but not the struggles and the defeats that preceded it.

So you’re better off not comparing your life to others’ Facebook and Insta posts! No two people have the same goals and the same journey, so why compare and feel miserable and inadequate?

Seth Stephens Davitowitz, who worked at Google for five years and authored a book named Everybody Lies, has an inside perspective to this problem.

In his book he writes: “Once you’ve looked at enough aggregate search data, it’s hard to take the curated selves we see on social media too seriously. Or, as I like to sum up what Google data has taught me: We’re all a mess!”

Restless & Raging

It is due to these unfair comparisons that everyone falls trap to the desire of getting quick results or instant gratification.

We see a friend sharing pictures from a vacation and we want to pack up and leave too! We see someone buying an expensive phone and we want to buy the same one too.

“People have become very impatient now. They do not understand that hard work is important, and change is gradual. They want quick transformation and want to put up pictures on their Facebook and Instagram — even if that means taking harmful shortcuts to gain mass,” shares Kapil Singh, 30-year-old gym trained from Delhi.

Comparing yourself to what you see on social media can leave you with unrealistic expectations and disappointment.

You’re better off taking a closer look at your own dreams, working towards your personal goals, and ultimately having a more fulfilling life.

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Namit is a journalist and adventure sports enthusiast. He divides his time in reading about interesting issues and later writing about them. In his free time, he is most expected to escape to the mountains in search of solitude.

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