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Simplify Life: Be A Minimalist



Simplify Life: Be A Minimalist

Learning to live with less

The other day, I was cleaning up my room and in the process, I threw a lot of things away. It was a relief, a kind of accomplishment in my mind, as I felt like I have sorted and organised things so well. It was then that this thought struck me–the things I threw were unnecessary anyway, so why did I buy and stock them in the first place? Have you ever felt that getting rid of the extra stuff and living with less gives you more peace of mind? If you haven’t experienced it yet, try and explore the concept of minimalism.

Detox & Declutter

Minimalism has been discussed umpteen times by several people and is gaining popularity the world over. A minimalist approach advices you to have fewer thoughts, so that you have clarity of mind. It could also mean fewer friends or a smaller social circle, so that you have fewer expectations and spend your time more meaningfully. One of the most important principles of minimalism is having fewer possessions so that you are always sorted and organised. Living with less becomes a way of life.

As Divya Gupta, 24-year-old MBA aspirant puts it, “I have learnt to live with less by letting go of unwanted possessions and let fewer thoughts surround me in the process. I am not an introvert but yes, I go partying with fewer friends now. There is less clutter in my mind.”

Getting Started With Minimalism

At first, the idea might sound difficult to adopt. A minimalist approach requires you to let go of things you don’t need anymore, which is difficult, trust me (because we’re so used to holding on to things we might not even need!).

A minimalistic person lives an intentionally chosen lifestyle and not a forced one. You just can’t throw away that dress you wore on college farewell some 4-5 years ago, (though you don’t fit in it anymore), but you are hung up on it emotionally, aren’t you? Then, there is a greeting card by your ex-boyfriend that you can’t get over! All the above means you are not ready to let go and declutter your life. It is only when you truly realise the true essence of going minimal that you will indeed want to hop on to the idea.

Another thing you must consider while adopting minimalism is to consciously buy less and use less (be it your clothes, furniture, food etc). Soon enough, you’ll get used to it and might even realise that you didn’t need all that extra stuff in the first place.

Make Life More Meaningful

Imagine a life where there are fewer friends but more time, fewer ideas but more of self-realisation, less savings but more travel and experiences. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? One of my friends Ankit Sharma, 29, sold out his apartment bought from his savings and traveled the world with that money. He says, “It was difficult, but the realisation hit me that when I already have a place to live, why to keep another one in the name of investment? What about the present?”

Working like mad day in and day out versus working less but enjoying every day of the week–I’m sure the latter will make you happier. Imagine a life with fewer bills and debts and fewer bank documents; it could give you the freedom to do things that are on your bucket list without worrying so much all the time.

Sounds Good?

If the idea of going minimalist sounds good, you should also look up photos of Mark Zuckerberg’s wardrobe or Ratan Tata’s garage on the internet. You’ll see that these successful men are minimalists too, though they can afford to live big.

So go out, chase your dreams and do meaningful work while not accumulating the unwanted things in life. Choose to have less and learn to live with it–and soon you’ll find that minimalism is a pathway to peace and happiness.

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