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It’s All Relative: Why You Must Make Time For Family



It’s All Relative: Why You Must Make Time For Family

Despite your busy schedule you need to put family first, here’s why

Fact: many of us tend to take family for granted. Between work, friends and downtime, it is easy to forget about relatives – the people who knew you before anyone else. Of course, families aren’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean you give up on them. Inspite of your busy schedule, you need to put them first sometimes. Here’s why.

1. You need to give time to those who raised you

No matter how your family is, nothing can change the fact that they took care of you since the day you were born. You relied on them and they supported you.

Sometimes, they might not understand how your mind works, or even endorse your life or career choices, but without them, you wouldn’t be here today. Isn’t it time you cut them some slack and love them just the way they are?

2. They can be your closest confidantes

Some people bond so well with their parents that they become their closest, trustworthy friends. Bangalore-based poet Jael Varma is one of those lucky few.

“I had a single parent. She was the epicentre of my life. In spite of having lots of friends, I gave her utmost importance until she died two years ago. She was a working woman, extremely smart, well read, and knowledgeable.

“We talked about anything under the sun. We had the same taste in movies and watched lots of movies together. I discussed my love life with her (she was never judgmental ) and discussed office work (she understood the struggles of working women).”

Your parents could become that best friend who never lets you down, so give them a chance.

3. They are far more likely to stick around when you are in trouble

Friends are an important part of our lives, but how many of them are as concerned about us as our family?

Believe it or not, you might have more fair-weather friends than you imagine. The minute you’re in trouble or have a major life issue, they’ll distance themselves from you. Family, in most cases, will always stick around and support you.

Puneite teacher Simran* shares how her friends disappeared one by one when she was diagnosed with clinical depression.

“I have had a pretty smooth life until recently, so I always thought I had amazing friends. But a few years back, I had a rough break-up that sent me into severe depression.

“I stopped working and even therapy wasn’t helping much. Over the months, I saw my handful of ‘forever friends’ disappear — one flimsy excuse after another. Some didn’t even bother with that, they just stopped talking to me abruptly.

“A year later, just two of my seven friends proved to be friends. But even if everyone had abandoned me, I would have made it, thanks to the unwavering support of my parents.” (*name changed)

These are just a few reasons why you should give time and importance to family too. As you grow up and have a tough time adulting, you will begin to see that family is always there for you.

Above all, no matter what goes down in your life, your family will never judge you!

So while both, friends and relatives, are an important part of your life, don’t forget to spend some quality time with family.

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Mahevash Shaikh is the twenty-something author of Busting Clichés. She loves to write, draw and laugh (among other things). You can find her using words and pictures to express herself and redefine the word "normal" at

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