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The Perfect Life Or The Perfect Lie?

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The Perfect Life Or The Perfect Lie?

You don’t have to fake happiness to be truly happy

Fake it till you make it: while this hack could work in most aspects of life, especially in competitive scenarios, does it hold true for one’s happiness as well?

By that we mean — pretending to have the perfect life and painting a happy picture on social media, when really, you are far from being happy.

If you think this sounds like something you do, ask yourself this: who are you faking it for? To seek others’ approval and admiration?

Putting up a front to impress your friends or colleagues, or simply to convincing yourself that you’re content with how things are going can lead to self-doubt, and sometimes, depression too.

Social You vs Real You

From the flashing smiles posted on Instagram to the vacation photos on Facebook, most of us build a charming virtual image of our lives, don’t we?

The bitter truth, though, is that we’re messed up/exhausted/broke, or all of it at once! We just don’t want anyone to see it, let alone talk about it.

College professor Jyotsna Bhandari (28) admits, “Fake happiness and plastic smiles are quite common these days.”

Trying to figure the reason behind it, she adds, “Sometimes we want our loved ones to not worry about us, and other times, we’re just running away from ourselves!”

“What we don’t understand is that (faking it) will harm us more in the long run.”

She believes we’re better off accepting our reality and dealing with it instead of holding on to an artificial sense of happiness — because ultimately, it will only affect our peace of mind.

It’s OK to be Imperfect

Everyone, no matter the social background or age, experiences a low at some point in their lives.

We’ve all been there — laughed with a heavy heart, held back our tears, and have endured severe breakdowns behind closed doors in the middle of the night.

But the very next moment we are standing in front of the mirror, telling ourselves, this too shall pass. We carry on with life, ignoring that sadness and the reason behind it.

And that’s perfectly okay — because this means we’ve acknowledged the problem, faced it, and moved on. And that is a lot more fulfilling than living a lie.

Faking happiness can make you look deceptive. Plus, it puts an unnecessary burden on you to maintain that facade — so why put it up in the first place?

Pursue True Happiness

This may be difficult at first if you are a regular culprit of faking happiness. This is because you will face several questions like — why are you upset? Why can’t you share it? What is making you go through mood swings? These questions were probably the reason you were running away from your feelings all this while.

So the first thing to do is make yourself comfortable with what you are going through. You don’t have to feel ashamed or scared of your feelings.

As Akshay Jain, a freelance interior designer, puts it, “If I start to think that I’m answerable for my sadness, I will definitely feel forced to fake happiness.

“The fake happiness that you show off to please others is serving the purpose neither for you, nor them. They are not concerned why you are faking it, and you still are sad.”

So what do you do? Well, confide in someone close to you — they might not solve your problem right away, but will at least help you sail through it. And you’ll be surprised by how keenly a loved one will hear you out and help.

Happiness is not a thing to own. It’s an experience which goes on and off. So don’t drown yourself in delusions. Enjoy your choices, your freedom, your feelings — and happiness will come to you effortlessly.

What’s your take on this? Share your views by commenting below.

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