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Overworked & Overwhelmed?

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Overworked & Overwhelmed?

Working to the point of exhaustion may prove counterproductive

Always on-the-move, trying to be successful in a competitive world can be really stressful. Whether in school, college, or at work, we’ve all experienced the pressure of trying to prove ourselves by giving it our all.

We choose to pack in every single day with everything — from work to social commitments, even a second job sometimes. But we fail to realise that this takes a toll on our health, life, and productivity.

Stress Alert

Rahul (name changed), 20, used to freelance as a PhP developer with a company.

“Within months of joining them, I got my first big assignment and got a decent pay cheque for it too. I soon found that there was a huge demand for PhP developers in the market. So I began multitasking; attending classes in morning, taking online courses in the evening, and working on my projects at night,” he told indibeat.

“As my exams approached, I started sleeping less and devoted most of the time to working and studying. Until one day I fell, and lost consciousness…”

Rahul was later told that his blood pressure had shot up, and he was put on complete bed-rest.

This incident, however, did teach him a lesson. A lesson in prioritising and dividing the work, as well as making time for personal growth and wellbeing.

Rahul’s is an example for most millennials today, who continue to work under crazy stress!

Hustling or Burning Out?

Whether it is a college degree, a job, or one’s own business, once you step out, you realise that the competition is neck-breaking — and it is only through hard work and hustling that you can get ahead of the pack.

However, this also puts you on a dangerous path. There have been surveys and studies that have found that millennials are the most stressed-out generation in workplaces, and that is because they refuse to take a break.

What’s worse: the high amount of stress and overworking only makes you less productive! Surely that’s the opposite of what you’re aiming for.

While it may seem like you ‘have no time to breathe’, did you know that taking a break every once in a while can put you right back on the path of productivity?

Taking a break means different things to different people: spending time alone, being with your loved ones, indulging in fun hobbies, or packing your bags and taking off — whatever works for you. Doing so helps in rejuvenating you mentally and physically, so you’re ready to take on the world!

All major companies have a leave policy because they want their employees to take occasional breaks from work and then come back refreshed and energised, so why not make the most of it?

Work Smarter

For those of us who’re very ambitious, a burnout is often the result of us having unrealistic expectations and going too hard on ourselves.

We want to succeed and we want it badly — so much so that we forget that everyone has a unique set of qualities, and there is a limit to how much a person can achieve in a day.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t shoot for the stars — just do it wisely.

Learn to manage your work smartly. Take up work you know you can complete within the stipulated time. Rest your mind when you’re unable to concentrate anymore.

Communicate with people around you: ask for help whenever you need it, and find ways to bring down the stress.

If you’re at a senior level in a company, you clearly have bigger responsibilities. Learn the art of delegation. If you’re an entrepreneur, find a team and divide the work instead of trying to micromanage everything.

It is possible that you are putting too much stress on trying to remember things. In such a case, technology can be your saviour. Use it to set reminders and carefully planning your day so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. A simple app can serve as your personal secretary!

Set smaller, achievable targets. Completing these targets will give you a sense of satisfaction and security, taking away the unnecessary frustration.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. And most importantly, find joy in what you do, so you’re never overworked.

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Namit is a journalist and adventure sports enthusiast. He divides his time in reading about interesting issues and later writing about them. In his free time, he is most expected to escape to the mountains in search of solitude.

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