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New Year Goals: 5 Realistic Resolutions You Can Actually Pull Off



New Year Goals: 5 Realistic Resolutions You Can Actually Pull Off

No more giving up in the first month. Here are five completely doable New Year resolutions for a better 2017!

Ah, January — a bright new start to a bright new year. With 2016 and its demons now behind us (and are we thankful for that or what!), 2017 brings along a chance to turn a corner for the better.

While we often tend to go gung-ho with our resolutions, it is estimated that more than half of us give up in the first month itself, while only 8% of us actually end up achieving our goals.

The reason? It’s simple: most of us set the bar too high, as a result of which the resolutions often end up being intangible and unrealistic. However, if you’re seeking palpable change and are willing to give modest resolutions an honest go, here are five ideas that should help your cause!

Have An Adventure Once Every Three Months

All right, not all of us can afford to go globetrotting, but seeking an adventure doesn’t need to involve international travel. Being such a uniquely diverse country, India itself offers more than a handful options — so you needn’t worry.

And if you’re worried about work, we’ve got you covered. 2017 offers as many as 13 long weekends — so you really have no excuse!

Start Saving Small Amounts Every Month

It’s one thing to make a grand proclamation about wanting to save money, and quite another to hold your own when there’s a flat 70% discount at Zara and H&M.

The easiest way to do it? Don’t have access to the money in the first place. Set aside a fixed amount from your salary and invest it every month in fixed deposits or mutual funds. It’s boring bank work, we know, but it’ll help you immensely in the long run.

Aim To Get Healthy, Not Ripped

There’s no point dreaming of a ripped, chiseled body when you can’t make it to the gym for more than three days in a row. Instead, try being a bit more pragmatic.

If you work long hours and can’t hit the gym, there are exercises that you can easily do at home every day. Cut down your portions, eat healthier, go for a jog every now and then, and you’ll see a remarkable change in your body and mind in a few months!

Challenge Yourself To Grow 

The ultimate aim in 2017, really, is to grow into better individuals. And there are easy ways to achieve that, too. If you don’t read, trying picking up a book — there’s so much to learn! And if you are a reader, try and read more — especially genres you haven’t tried before.

Pick up a new hobby, or better yet, learn a new language, or master one you know!

Give Back In Whatever Way You Can

Charity might begin at home, but one can always do more. There are multiple ways to be more generous, too. If money is an issue, try volunteering. There are more than enough NGOs around the country supporting various causes, so find one that’s close to your heart and lend a few hours every alternate weekend. If you lead a busy life, but are well off, try donating, or feed or educate an underprivileged child.

Know of any more ideas that might be helpful? Help expand our list by commenting below!





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