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Multitasking: A Necessary Evil



Multitasking: A Necessary Evil

Being on the go and multitasking is no longer optional for millennials

Managing more than one tasks at work, while simultaneously making time for family and friends (and somehow squeezing in a hobby or gym class)is something we ought to do within the 24 hours we’re given in a day. And if we truly have to manage all this without losing it, multitasking is the way to go.

If you don’t believe it look around–how many people have you seen doing two jobs to earn an extra buck? Or finishing pending tasks while having lunch at the work desk? Truth be told, we live in a highly fast-paced and competitive world and like it or not, multitasking is no longer optional.

Moses Navgire, 30, content head at, is all in favour of multitasking. He says, “Multitasking at work is a given! You can’t expect your career to take off if you plan to have a mono-track career path. In today’s day and age, it’s necessary to have expertise in multiple things. If you happen to work for a media company, there will be times you’ll have to do more than what your job profile demands. Sometimes it may not even be directly related to your work. What matters is whether or not you rise to the occasion.” He further explains, “This is also because the market is constantly changing w.r.t. new technology and an ever increasing demand. Companies need reliable team members who can handle, or at least try to handle, any situation at work.”

Indeed multitasking is quite crucial. It’s like a race in which if you lose your pace for even a second, someone else might take away the opportunity you thought belonged to you all this while.

The best multitaskers of today are definitely the next-gen working moms. Balancing personal and professional life while taking care of a child is not everybody’s cup of tea and yet, these working moms pull their socks up each morning and are all set to conquer different areas of their lives. Sukanya Acharya, a 31-year-old psychologist practicing privately in Dharampur, Himachal Pradesh, has to manage her clinic from 9am to 4pm while also taking care of her 2-year-old son and her household. This what she had to say, “After pregnancy I got anaemic. It was very difficult for me to remember everything with low energy to work. Since then I always make my to-do list in a diary or on sticky notes and refer to it and do work accordingly. This streamlines my work without much stress and makes things easier.”

Doing more than one thing at a time, all day long, could sometimes wear you out. Sukanya further adds, “At times I am not able to follow or do everything needed. Because the pressure is too much due to which I get frustrated and annoyed. I really need to have a glass of water and lie down for sometime to regain the strength.”

We feel you, Sukanya. A general tip we can offer to those who find themselves getting tired and stressed from all the multitasking is to add one more task to their list: some essential me-time. Yes, it could be a 10-minute power nap, or a 1-hour relaxing spa, or a weekend away from all the chaos! Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back every once in a while. Also read our post on how to simplify life.

Time is more important to us than anything else. We do not lack opportunities or money today; there are various options to gain them. What we cannot afford to lose at present is time. This is why multitasking has become a very crucial part of our lives. So it’s not necessarily an evil–it is needed to cope with the challenges of the Y2K era. It is upto you to decide whether it makes life easier for you or just adds to the burden of work you already carry in your minds.

What’s your opinion on multitasking? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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