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Does Humanity Exist In Our Times?



Does Humanity Exist In Our Times?

All we hear is bad news, but there’s also some good in the world

In Hinduism, the good life was compared to Ram Rajya, the era when Ram ruled the land and there were no crimes or catastrophes. While Ramayana spoke of happiness and humanity, the era that followed – Mahabharata – was quite the opposite!

From wars between brothers to cases of infidelity and crimes against women, the Mahabharata narrated it all. And thus we witnessed the rise and fall of humanity since time immemorial.

The question is: where do we stand today?

Humanity in Kalyug

Kalyug refers to the present era, one that’s supposedly advanced and progressive. You can’t blame us for being cynical about humanity in our times, with headlines such as ‘man rapes puppy to death’ and ‘woman kills lover over who will cook’ hitting the papers every day!

As Rakshit Makkar, a 28-year-old jewellery designer, says, “Humanity is definitely lost. Children and the aged are getting raped, and people are killing each other for pennies! I wish I could do something so the next generation doesn’t suffer.”

We invented politics and maligned it ourselves, we created religions and made them impractical ourselves, and we realised love and developed hatred ourselves.

It makes one wonder: why couldn’t we have lived more simply and been happier with whatever we had? And for those who believe that good and evil are two sides of the same coin, well, we’re not tossing! Life is not a gamble.

All Is Not Lost

Amongst all the cruelty, there also exists some humanity – even today. For every corrupt politician or criminal, there is a citizen who believes in kindness.

This is proved time and again by NGOs like Habitat India, Smile Foundation, Straw India and hundreds of others, who strive to improve and enrich someone else’s life.

But as Kuldeep Tyagi, 26-year-old IAS student, rightly says, we can’t just be the onlookers. We need to participate towards the greater good.

“We can’t just be the watchers. We have to be the doers. Not all humans are same. Some of us are fully aware that the end of humanity may mean an apocalypse, and thus, are working towards it too.”

A recent news report spoke of Muslim women, who have been making Shiva Lingas for 17 years! For them, their art is their work, and their work is their religion.

In other news, people of the Sikh community went ahead and served a riot-hit Kashmir, not caring about the religion of the people there.

Also, a Muslim man named Sheikh Salim didn’t think twice before saving the Hindu pilgrims during a terror attack in Anantnag.

Instances like these make us believe that humanity still exists.

Towards a Better Tomorrow

Granted, we continue to see crimes and corruption around us all the time. However, we also keep witnessing acts of selflessness and humanity — like young Indians volunteering to help animals and providing food and clothes to the needy.

The legends say that we choose to be either good or bad. In the tech enabled era, when we have the most upgraded ammunitions and all possible means to gain power, some of us still choose to stand against evil.

We are waking up to the reality that nothing is greater than humanity, and only humanity can save the world.

Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar



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