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Hate Mornings? 6 Ways To Turn It Around



Hate Mornings? 6 Ways To Turn It Around

How to get a great start to your day

Picture this: you open the window to a bright, sunny morning, breathe in the fresh air, and get set to take on the day on a positive note. Can’t picture it? If you’re someone who finds it difficult to rise early and often wakes up feeling demotivated and groggy, you’re probably going to end up feeling the same way the rest of the day.

Whether you have to wake up early or simply want to, you needn’t drag yourself out of bed everyday. Follow these steps so that you start looking forward to your mornings:

1. Shut Out Social Media Way Before You Sleep

We’ve already told you why you need to stop bringing your phone to bed.

So stop checking your social media updates a couple of hours before hitting the sack. Otherwise, you’re at risk of bad eyesight, stress, headaches, dark circles, and poor sleep. Put your phone away and instead, read a book or listen to some music to put yourself to sleep. In just a few days, you’ll start waking up feeling more refreshed.

Also, since you haven’t checked your updates all night, you will be eager to wake up and check your phone in the AM.

2. Change that Horrifying Alarm Tone

Ever wondered why most of us have horrifying, off-putting alarm tones? They do their job, yes, but they also wake us up in utter disgust. Most of us hate our alarm tones and thereby, we hate mornings too!

A simple hack is to change the alarm tone to a song or a piece of music that you really like. This way, you’ll wake up with a smile on your face.

3. Wake Up to Luxurious Pampering

Set your bath a night prior and turn it into your own mini spa.

Go ahead and place flowers , aroma oils or scented candles in the bathroom, so you wake up to some TLC instead of just having a quick shower and rushing to work.

4. Prep a Nice Breakfast

Who has the time to make fancy breakfast in the morning, right? So prep it at night!

Take a tip from Preeti Ghai (32). She says, “To beat my early morning woes, I have now started to do all breakfast prep a night before. It saves me time and it is definitely exciting to serve your family breakfast on time.”

Like pancakes? Prep the batter at night. Like fruits for breakfast? Chop them and keep them ready in the fridge. When you know you have a hearty meal waiting for you, you’re going to be more excited to get out of bed.

5. Line Up Your Meetings & Dates In The Morning

When you know there’s something important lined up for you in the day, you’re more likely to wake up early and prepare yourself for it.

Whether it’s a breakfast date or an important meeting with a client, schedule it in the first half, when your mind and body is most energetic.

As Radhika Lamba (26), a dance instructor,  tells us, “I was a late riser too, but some changes in my schedule got me back on track. I started planning my meetings with friends and my boyfriend during the morning hours. That motived me to get up early.”

6. Sign Up for Your Favourite Newsletter

Almost all of us have the habit of checking our phones first thing in the morning — but social media updates shouldn’t be the only thing we wake up to.

Enrich your mornings with information that is useful and interesting. Subscribe to a fun publication that will give you news and updates, and will power up your brain for a productive day ahead.

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