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Embrace Your Inner Ambivert



Embrace Your Inner Ambivert

Not too social, not too shy

You know those people who’re the life of the party? They’re the ones who feel energised in the company of others. Simply put, they’re extroverts, and they love being in the spotlight.

Then there those who like to sit in the corner and sip on their drinks as silent observers. They most likely prefer the company of books over peopleThis does not mean they are sulking — they are just introverts.

But do you feel like you sit somewhere between these two categories? On some days, you’re all out there, socialising with people and dancing the night away. On other days you genuinely feel put off by human beings and happily curl up in bed all by yourself.

So you see, there is a third kind. If you’re not an extrovert nor an introvert, you’re probably what they call an ambivert.

Being Ambivert

An ambivert is not a person who is a little bit of both. It’s a term associated with someone who feels like a complete extrovert on some days, and is fully introverted on other days. Sounds like you?

Now, let’s not get too technical about it. There’s no definitive way to measure or determine your personality type. However, if you associate with being someone who can talk to just about anyone, but feels awkward and shy in certain situations, you probably are an ambivert.

It’s also true that not all extroverts are seen partying all the time — and not all introverts are anti-social. Everyone likes to play the opposite occasionally. But for an ambivert, these occasions arrive a bit more frequently.

Good, Bad, or Both?

If you’ve just discovered that you’re an ambivert, the next big question is: is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Being an ambivert means you have the qualities of both extroverts and introverts. You, my friend, are special.

While you can be the life of the party, you can also be a great listener and thinker. You can be extremely blunt and equally thoughtful.

Being an ambivert also means that you can find comfort in most of the situations, where others simply can’t cope. Although, you need to channel your energy in the right direction, and train your mind to reach this stage.

“Living in the social media age, it’s like you’re always connected to people. This is probably why there are days when I just want to be left alone,” says 24-year-old Bhumika Bhardwaj, a student from Delhi.

“But I am also super-excited each time my friends plan a night out. I think it’s a great energy-saver,” she adds.

28-year-old Raju Boro from Assam, who works as a photographer in Delhi, thinks that being an ambivert is a boon — professionally speaking.

“I don’t get irritated by any situation. I can share a drink, and talk and laugh with people whenever work demands. I can also stay alone in my room for days, focusing on my work,” he shares.

Raju believes being an ambivert helps him stay ahead in the game.

And this is true — ambiverts can be great task-masters. They can work brilliantly alone as well as in teams. Basically, they can be amazing all-rounders in workplaces.

What’s more, ambiverts have another useful trait — the ability to be comfortable around people with different personalities. That’s because they’ve been on both sides of the table.

Think of it this way: if you’re an ambivert, you’ll never really run out of topics to discuss with either extroverts or introverts. You can build relationships more easily. You might even have a better chance at impressing your crush!

Balance Your Persona

While it may seem like an ambivert has got it all figured out by having the best of both worlds, it isn’t necessarily true.

An ambivert might start feeling too detached in a social gathering, or start spending too much time alone. Or they could sometimes get caught up in other people’s business! Both these instances are counter-productive.

As with anything in life, it’s all about balance. While you embrace your ambivert personality, remember to adapt to different situations and keep an open mind to truly enjoy every moment.

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