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How To Deal With Social Media Envy

social media envy


How To Deal With Social Media Envy

Not all of your friends are excited about your vacation updates or your cool new job

No matter how cool your friends may be, the photos of your recent Goa vacation that you posted on social media are burning at the back of their heads. Wondering why?

Envy is inevitable. It’s only human to feel jealous of someone or something, especially when you can’t have it at that point of time. We bet you have experienced it as well. And it honestly doesn’t deserve so much attention.

But in today’s times where our lives are an open book, courtesy social media, we tend to get too eager to share our lives with the world. Most of us selectively share only the happy moments and we want our audience to believe that that’s our reality.

And therein lies the problem. When you constantly project a happy-go-lucky image of yourself and tell everyone how perfect your life is, knowingly or unknowingly, your social media friends and followers start comparing their lives with yours — as a result, they end up feeling jealous and bitter about it.

Beat the Green-Eyed Monster

A lot of times, even the best of your pictures or announcements don’t get any reaction from your closest friends or colleagues. We have already told you why.

The next question — what should your reaction be? Should you feel angry? Should you bother at all?

Follow these steps to deal with social media envy:

(1) Let it go: All that’s required sometimes is ignorance. Don’t sit down and count the number of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. There is no competition going on here, and some things just shouldn’t take up your time.

(2) It’s a compliment, really! If you smell envy, there’s something absolutely awesome that you have done. And that’s why people are jealous. Applause! It’s a compliment in disguise if you ask us.

(3) Don’t jump to conclusions: As 25-year-old Maria David, who works in the hospitality industry, explains, it’s not always a case of jealousy.

It’s entirely possible that someone “simply missed seeing your post” or that “they’re busy with something more important,” she rightly points out.

(4) If it bothers you that much, speak up: If an important person in your life seems to be jealous of you, why not confront them?

As college student Samyak Jain, 22, says,  “If you really care, take the initiative of talking it out with that person. Depending upon the situation, tell them that everything that pops up on your timeline isn’t real. And if it is, guide them on how you managed to achieve it!”

That could work for you — however, mind the gap between jealousy and hatred. Trust your gut on this one.

(5) Jealousy is healthy sometimes: Any negative emotion coming from another person can either bring you down — or fire you up. Choose the latter!

Allow social media envy to encourage you to achieve more and be a better person.

(6) Don’t seek approval: Posting anything on social media means you are obviously seeking attention, likes, and comments. But you don’t need to seek others’ approval!

Your life won’t change by their likes or dislikes. Be yourself and follow your instincts. Worrying about what others think of you won’t take you anywhere.

Finally, just remember that those who truly care for you will always wish for your success and happiness — and they don’t need to prove this on social media.

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