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Better A Skeptic Than A Sucker



Better A Skeptic Than A Sucker

Doubt is good. Or is it?

I don’t trust easily. This works for me, but people never forget to tell me that I am being negative or cynical – both of which are actually very different philosophies. But I disagree. In these deceptive times, where it’s getting increasingly hard to differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake, can we afford to be trusting without a good reason? Probably not.

Here’s why you’re better off being a skeptic:

1. You’re Not Scammed Easily!

Thanks to capitalism, there’s a product for literally everything. And no matter how useless some of them are (think Skechers Shape-ups), good branding and marketing make them desirable.

Now if you are a person who gets easily swayed by jargony quick fixes, particularly if they are endorsed by a celebrity, you are going to wind up wasting your money on drivel.

On the other hand, a skeptic isn’t going to fall for them instantly — because they will research instead of blindly believing. They are well aware that life is unfortunately not a Disney movie.

Just because you believe in something with all your heart doesn’t mean you are going to get rewarded in the end. A healthy dose of skepticism is required to not just spend wisely, but also to survive in the world today.

2. It Safeguards Your Heart

One of the cons of trusting too easily means you often end up hurt and betrayed. It is important to  question someone’s motives, even be a little wary, until you get to know them well.

We are becoming increasingly selfish in general, thus making a ‘people filter’ imperative for those who want to avoid being let down.

Sneha Sampath (23), Chennai-based applications developer, agrees. “I feel that being a skeptic will save you from getting hurt by certain expectations. I am not saying never to trust anyone, just have hope and faith in the right people. Believe in the people you love, and be a skeptic for the rest of the world.”

3. It Makes You Smarter

Being a skeptic means you’re more analytical. When presented with something unfamiliar, say a new POV, you only take a stand after you dig deep and find out more about it. Makes sense, right?

Being a doubting Thomas also means you don’t believe in rumours or spread fake news on social media. Owing to defamation laws and the Information Technology Act, being prudent about what you post online is definitely going to keep you from getting in legal trouble.

Then Again… A Little Risk Doesn’t Hurt

What’s life without taking some chances every now and then? Gut instinct is real after all, and treating it as an afterthought is going to cause regret and missed opportunities.

Like so many successful entrepreneurs, the trick is to take calculated risks instead of being reckless.

Pune-based dentist Humerah Inamdar (31) says, “I have always been a pretty trusting as a person. However, over the years, I have learned to know when to go with my gut and when to rely on hard facts. Even though I have been burned a few times due to the former, things have also gone in my favour because of it. Sometimes, you have to take chances.”

I think skepticism helps one make better choices. But like everything else, too much of it isn’t going to do you any good. You have to do it within reason.

For if you are constantly suspicious, life will become pretty tiring, won’t it?

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Mahevash Shaikh is the twenty-something author of Busting Clichés. She loves to write, draw and laugh (among other things). You can find her using words and pictures to express herself and redefine the word "normal" at

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