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10 Of The Best Small Joys In Life



10 Of The Best Small Joys In Life

Beat stress and find joy in these little things

No matter how clichéd it sounds, we millennials are guilty of taking life too seriously. Despite being perpetually busy, we remain anxious about time slipping out of our hands. We’re all so busy pouting for selfies, checking-in at fancy restaurants and creating ‘happening’ stories for our virtual life that we have forgotten how to revel in the simple joys of the real world.

Forget those failed resolutions and incomplete bucket lists, most of us find it difficult to get going with our day to day tasks! We begin our days with irritation and end them in disappointment.  Thankfully a few things never lose their charm. They give us hope and fill our lives with positivity. Here’s a list of those little joys that you must never forget to cherish. (Tell us how many you relate with!)

1. Taking in a beautiful morning

You know those days when you wake up really early and it’s just so quiet and peaceful around? No sounds of cars honking, no banter, no rush hour. Just you and the morning light. Waking up early and enjoying the morning is not just a joy, it’s great for your health too. If you wake up early, you not only start your day feeling one with nature, but are also able to dedicate each task the time and attention it requires. This means you look forward to approaching work with calm and focus. Way better than struggling to manage time for your tasks, right?

2. Walking in the rain

Now that the rainy season is here, why don’t you try stepping out in the rain, take a walk or jump around the terrace and see if you remember making paper boats? If that’s too much to ask for, sit back with a book listening to your favourite songs or chill while binge watching your favourite shows. Forget the anxiety of getting wet and for once just be a child and dance in the rains!

3. Cooking with a loved one

If asked to cook for ourselves, most of us would rather prefer packaged food or takeout. But how about cooking for and with a loved one? Spend some quality time while learning life’s very important skill. You won’t have to wait for dinner to start a conversation. You get to talk to the other person, sans all the stress as cooking is known to have therapeutic effects. And you have a delicious meal at the end of it all. A win-win!

4. Playing with a child

No, we’re not asking you to babysit infants or toddlers. But just sometimes, spending time with children really takes all the stress away. They won’t just beguile you with their innocence but also show you the world from a very different perspective, one that is unadulterated and unburdened. It is only then you’ll realise that seven out of ten things you’re fretting about, are actually not that significant!

5. Spending more time with family

While we’re busy trying to make it big, knowingly or unknowingly, we end up taking our families for granted. Not taking out the time for our parents or keeping a tab on what’s going on with our siblings is indeed very convenient. But if you think of it, this is the time when you, as an ‘adult’ can talk out things with your parents or share your issues with siblings who’ll listen to you without ever being judgmental. Just giving them time will in turn, give you so much joy.

6. Being kind

The way you deal with people around you can really make or break your day. Use those three magical words (sorry, please, thank you) as often as you can, no matter where and with whom you are. You can make people feel important with a ‘please’, show that you care with a ‘sorry’ and put a smile on their faces with a ‘thank you’. You’ll be amazed to see how much time and mental peace you’re saving by not thinking about other’s behaviour or repenting about your own.

7. Dancing like no one’s watching

When you’re feeling low, try playing your favourite song and simply dancing. Don’t think too much, just do it. We promise it will turn your day around! Nothing helps in clearing your head faster than dancing (or any other exercise, for that matter). Scientifically put, any form of physical activity helps the brain release endorphins, the feel-good neurotransmitters.

8. Asking after your friends

Cutting out on friends is one of the first things we do when we’re busy and stressed. It might be triggered by a sense of ignorance or even jealousy or competition. But since your friends are pretty much facing the same problems as you are, sulking alone makes little sense. These are the people with whom you celebrated your very first achievements, and it is only fair to share your struggles with them and be a part of theirs too.

While meeting often might not be possible, give them a call or drop a text enquiring about their wellbeing and let them know you care. Better still, arrange for a midnight conference call or a group chat on Skype over the weekend and let the madness take over!

9. De-cluttering your room

You must have realised that the state of our minds gets quite affected by the state of our surroundings. There is a reason we feel uncomfortable in congested places and more peaceful in open areas. So no points for guessing how the state of your room or even office desk can influence your mood.A cluttered life leads to a cluttered mind!

De-clutter your room by getting rid of all that’s unnecessary, throw in some lights and colours and get a dreamcatcher to keep negativity at bay.

10. Unleashing your creativity

Few things beat the joy of creating something with your own two hands. You end up feeling accomplished and productive with a new handicraft at your disposal and a new story to tell. (Also read our post on travelling to learn art.)

Try your hand at painting/sketching, pottery, origami, knitting or simply writing using a pen and paper. You can also spread the cheer by posting your artwork to loved ones with a little thank you note.

And lastly, don’t forget to keep reading inspirational and positive stories like this one, and share it with friends who could use some joy!

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Priyanka is an ambivert who writes to understand life. Coloring outside the lines since forever, she lives in books and dreams, frequently visiting reality to eat!

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