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The Lazy Millennial’s Guide To Decluttering



The Lazy Millennial’s Guide To Decluttering

Easy steps to declutter your home

There are two things most urban Indian millennials tend to have in common: laziness when it comes to housework, and a knack for hoarding things they don’t really need. The result, of course, is an apartment that looks less like a home and more like a pigsty. A lot of it boils down to the fact that labour is cheap in urban India, as well as the fact that we’re privileged almost to a fault — but that’s another argument for another day. None of it changes the fact that you’re lazy, though, which means that decluttering a messy apartment is an even bigger task for you. On Lazy Day today (August 10) we’ve got you a decluttering plan that’s easy to execute.

“So, how do I go about it?”

Dump The Junk

For starters, wake up an hour earlier on a Sunday morning (it’s tough, we know, but if you pretend like there’s a new Game Of Thrones episode coming out, you’ll be up in a jiffy). Then, ask yourself an important question: can you do this alone? If you know you can’t, call a friend over to help you out. In fact, call them anyway, because they’ll be a lot more objective in their assessment and won’t think twice before clearing the garbage you’ve been hoarding.

Next, you have to identify what qualifies as garbage to begin with. Is it something that has practical value? If it doesn’t, it simply has to go — no two ways about it. If it’s in perfect condition but of zero use to you, sell it, or simply donate it to the needy. If it’s broken and of no use to anyone, sell it to the good ol’ bhangaarwala or just chuck it in the pile of dry waste.

Now that you’re left with a bunch of things you really need, follow this millennial mantra we literally just made up: Hooks are Heroes, and Boxes are Baes. Hooks will prevent your clothes from being strewn all across the floor and the bed, while boxing your belongings simply makes your home look so much neater.

And oh, don’t forget to label all the boxes. Not only is it extremely convenient in times of desperate haste, but it also helps psychologically by giving you a purpose to stow and maintain it all in place. (Also Read: 5 Budget-Friendly Makeover Ideas For Your Kitchen)

Close(t) Call

Now, we move to the biggest problem that most millennials face: digging their favourite shirt out from the junk pile that is their closet. And if you’re tired of doing that, then well, just take all your clothes out at once, and empty your cupboard completely. Now, allocate one shelf — or a part of it — to every kind of clothing you own. Jeans, pants, skirts and shorts, tees, shirts, pyjamas should all have their own separate sections, which will genuinely make your life a whole lot easier.

‘But all of this still requires effort. Isn’t there a hack for someone who’s ultra-lazy?’

In that case, meet minimalism: your new BFF. A minimalistic approach has a twofold benefit. Firstly, since you only own things you really need with minimal decor, it doesn’t burn holes in your wallet at all. Secondly, since there are fewer things, there’s automatically less mess to clear out — which means your lazy ass can stay sprawled across the couch, binge watching TV shows all weekend without a care in the world!

We hope this little guide helped, but if you have any ideas of your own, please share them with us by commenting below.

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar



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