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House Parties: A New Way To Socialise

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House Parties: A New Way To Socialise

Meet strangers and make new friends at an intimate event

Our idea isn’t about making money by organising parties, but feeling more lively by having new friends around,” says Arpan Singh. He’s the founder of Next Door Party, a Delhi-based startup that, as the name suggests, puts together house parties where strangers meet and get to know each other.

“Our events are mostly free, wherein people bring their own booze or pay for it. Some pay for food, and others cover miscellaneous expenses,” he adds.

It sounds like a perfectly doable idea — organising a BYOB party in a private setting where you meet new people, and sit down and have a real conversation — a refreshing change from loud nightclubs. The question is: why don’t we have more such events in our cities?

Unfortunately, as urban millennials, most of us spend a lot of time on social media and, by extension, our friendships and relationships also remain largely virtual. Truth be told, social media makes us less social even though it offers the ease of connecting with anyone around the world!

So, have we forgotten the real joy of socialising beyond our workplace? Can a right-swipe on Tinder replace the excitement and anxiousness of approaching and talking to someone at a social gathering? Never.

Thankfully, some new-age entrepreneurs like Arpan have realised this and have already started coming up with solutions, such as organised house parties.

House Scenes

The culture of house parties is slowly catching on, not just in Delhi but other metros too. Those looking to spend quality time with people who share the same interests (or not) are now increasingly choosing private meet-ups over noisy pubs and cafes.

There are a number of ventures organising slam poetry events, house parties, and small private concerts — such as Beatmap in Mumbai, Scoot in Delhi, and of course, Next Door Party.

Organising house parties for friends and friends-of-friends is a great idea. It’s a close-knit group with lots of scope for making new connections. Plus, you save on the cost of expensive outings.

It’s especially useful for youngsters living alone in the big cities. Like Abid Hussain (24), who relocated from Lucknow to Noida for work and attended a Next Door Party there.

He says, “I am new to this city and was looking to make friends. At one of the events, I met a guy from my hometown and we immediately became friends. Funny thing: he lives right next to my place in Delhi and I probably would never have met him otherwise!”

“Going to clubs and restaurants is fine, but you cannot interact with strangers at such places. After a point, it becomes boring,” he adds.

Arpan hopes to create a culture where people start organising such events all by themselves — and he wishes to provide them with the right platform to do so. With this in mind, he plans to launch his mobile app soon.

By Invite Only

House parties are great, but what about some notorious elements that could spoil the fun? The organisers need to ensure complete safety and security at these events. One way of doing so is by inviting only friends-of-friends. Also, if the party is at a remote location, make sure the female guests are accompanied by male friends.

As Arpan says, “Keeping the creeps away is top priority.”

Meenakshi Bansal (27), a media professional from Delhi, weighs in, “House parties are a very interesting concept — so long as there is no problem related to safety.”

The culture of house parties is bringing a fresh change in the social lives of millennials, and we’re pretty sure it is here to stay. Do you agree? Tell us in the comments below.

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