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Miracle Potion or Health Hazard? Here’s the Fine Print on Green Tea

Miracle Potion or Health Hazard? Here's the Fine Print on Green Tea


Miracle Potion or Health Hazard? Here’s the Fine Print on Green Tea

Green tea is filled with benefits galore — but here’s why you shouldn’t overdo it

Anyone with as much as a hint of knowledge about health and fitness swears by green tea. Health gurus have claimed it as the king of potions for a healthy lifestyle.

But as the old adage goes, too much of anything is bad — and that holds true with something as seemingly innocuous as green tea as well.

Ideally, drinking two or three cups of green tea a day is considered optimum. It aids weight loss, boosts your metabolism, and even helps battle cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes.

But if overdone, the side effects can range from bad to unimaginably awful.

The most common of these is caffeine overload. Drinking too much green tea can cause your body to be completely dependent on caffeine, causing irritability, anxiety, headaches and sleeping problems. For the caffeine sensitive, the symptoms are far more grave.

Green tea is known to affect your iron absorption too. If you drink it during your meals, it interferes with your digestion and significantly reduces the amount of iron that is absorbed by your body.

If you have a pre-existing iron deficiency problem, this can be harmful in more ways than one. A very simple way to counteract the problem, though, is by adding a few drops on lemon into your green tea.

Furthermore, children should completely avoid green tea — they don’t need it and the caffeine will cause unnecessary damage. Adolescents, too, should limit themselves to one cup — if at all required in the first place.

If you suffer from anaemia or a heart condition of any kind, or are pregnant, you might want to seek permission from your doctor before gulping down a cup. Why? Because it could lead to unnecessary complications!

For those with high blood pressure, green tea could alter the medications’ effects.

And oh, drinking too much green tea could lead to toxic effects in your liver — which isn’t fun.

Of course, these are extreme cases. A miracle in your mug as it widely touted, green tea is probably one of the most brilliant and natural options to stay healthy and fit.

While too much of anything (even water) will harm you, not going overboard with the green tea frenzy is the key here. After all, it’s affordable, effective and as long as you don’t overdo it and consume it in moderation, the health benefits greatly outweigh the risks.






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