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No Time for the Gym? Turn to These Online Fitness Gurus

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No Time for the Gym? Turn to These Online Fitness Gurus

Always thought you needed a fancy gym membership to get in shape? Wrong! All you need is YouTube and these fabulous fitness channels.

Fitness is important. No, cross that; fitness is super important especially these days since most of our lifestyles are borderline unhealthy. But then again, unless you have the discipline of a Shaolin monk, going to the gym after a tough and tiring day at work is pretty much impossible. 

The good news is that where there’s a will, there’s a way to break into a sweat… right in your living room.

We’re talking about exclusive channels and exercise videos from some of the best online gurus of fitness, all on YouTube. They’re all free and they cover a wide variety of workouts to suit your whims, so all you really need is a Yoga mat and some motivation. 

Body Rock

Love an intense but quick workout? Then you will love Body Rock! Updated almost daily, their videos are effective ( you’ll feel the burn the next day) and extremely motivating. Apart from workouts and stretches ranging from under a minute to an hour, it also features healthy recipes, bootcamps and advanced challenges.

Perfect for: High-Intensity Training
Start now with their Real Time 30 Day Challenge

Fitness Blender

A clean, simple, and easy-to-follow fitness channel, Fitness Blender has over 300 short and long workouts. The best part about the videos is that they don’t have any background music which makes it super easy to follow instructions without any distractions. If you are new to working out and need some hand holding, this is the best option for you.

Perfect for: Pilates, body weight workouts, kettlebell, circuit training.
Start now with this Total Body Strength Workout for People who get Bored Easily

Tara Stiles

Prefer yoga above anything else? Then welcome to the world of Tara Stiles, an American fashion model turned yoga instructor who has an amazing range of videos on her channel! From beginner workouts to advanced asanas, she adds a new video every week. Calming, soothing and extremely rejuvenating, her instructions are easy to follow and unhurried, which is perfect.

Perfect for: Yoga
Start now with this under-15-minute Weight Loss Core Flow


Great for lengthening and strengthening, Pilates is usually considered “fancy”. But no other workout promises to give you a better dancer’s physique and that’s why Blogilates is a great option. Besides just workout videos they also share diet tips, recipes and more.

Perfect for: Pilates, all levels.
Start now with this 30-minute total body workout for beginners. 

Scola Dondo

20-year-old Scola used to obese when she was younger, but she managed to almost 50lbs before turning into an instructor. If you love a dance workout, you will love her! Fun, perky and extremely vivacious, she also shares tips, dos and don’ts from her personal weight loss journey.

Perfect for: Dance and cardio
Start now with this short and fun Afrobeat HIIT dance workout

That’s right, folks. Time to retire those excuses. Getting in shape just got really really convenient.

Do you have a workout video you swear by? Tell us!



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