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Go Zen: Simple Ways to Include Meditation in Your Daily Life

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Go Zen: Simple Ways to Include Meditation in Your Daily Life

Carve out some personal time every day with these three simple tips.

People tend to be wary of meditation, and to be honest, they are not wrong. There’s a halo surrounding the word and it usually incorporates exotic ashrams, bearded gurus, and the promise of nirvana. Besides, many mistakenly believe that mediation involves a religious aspect, which can further turn off several others. Nor is it a one-stop solution to all your worldly problems. 

But for the millennial generation that is constantly seeking relief from anxiety, depression, stress and the business of daily life — can meditation help with that? Absolutely.

Here’s the truth; you don’t  need a special place, time or a guru to begin your meditation practice. You can begin anytime, anywhere and all you need is intention.

Here are some simple tips which will help you merge meditation into your daily life, effortlessly.

Breathe In And Out 100 Times

This technique is as simple as it gets and you can’t do it anywhere. Take 100 deep breaths slowly and count them in your mind as you do it. Not only will it alleviate anxiety or panic attacks, this technique is extremely calming for the mind since it silences all the nonsense and non-stop chatter.

Best Approach: Even though you can do this anywhere, try and find a quiet place for maximum benefit. Oh, did we mention that the entire technique takes about 5 mins only?

The Alarm Clock Method

Set a time on your phone’s timer ( about 5-7 min is good), close your eyes, relax your face and gently breathe in and out. Here, the alarm clock acts as a guide and in your mind you don’t have to worry about how much longer should you go on for. It’s simple and super effective.

Best Approach: Have a presentation or a big meeting coming up? Just lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 min and practice. You will feel more calm, collected, and invariably more confident.

Take A Nap

Yes, you read correctly. Taking a nap the right way can be extremely meditative, just like savasana in yoga. Just find yourself a comfortable spot, lie down and listen to something soothing. Don’t be afraid to fall asleep or to think about nothing. You will realise that your mind has slowed down and you are aware of your surroundings. Or maybe you will reach your happy place.

Best Approach: The trick here is to let your mind think of nothing or happy thoughts. If you can manage either, you are doing good.

Meditation is a not a chore or a task but a way of life. It’s extremely fun if you do a little bit every day without putting pressure on yourself. The minute you put it on your to-do list, your mind will protest, just like it does with everything else.  So take it easy and BREATHE.



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