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Decoding Energy Healing



Decoding Energy Healing

These alternative practices could heal you from the inside out

Scientific evidence proves that the mind and body are deeply connected and confirms the strong influence that the mind has on the body and vice versa. Many healing practices, which leverage this mind-body connection to ensure the well-being of a person, are carried-out in the world today. You must have heard of hypnosis as a way of healing, different meditation techniques, and visualisation techniques amongst other practices.

While scientific investigations may still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the workings of the brain, the mind and the consciousness, healing therapies seem to have touched the right chord with people; probably a reason why its popularity is growing steadily.

Hypnotherapy, Reiki, PSYCH-k, Access Consciousness, BARS body process are different healing modalities; all falling under one umbrella of energy healing. Just as there are many allopathic medicines, say, for a headache, they are all paracetamols at the end of the day.  Similarly, the different healing modalities work for different body types; at the end of the day, they are all different energy healing processes.

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These techniques are practised by a large group of professional therapists across the globe. But how do they really work? Parita Shah, therapeutic healer and psychologist explains, “Think of an ailing tree…what if the caretaker was to only treat the infected part and medicate it and never worry about how and why the problem actually began? The tree will probably heal but the gardener no-sooner may see that the problem has surfaced again.”

She adds, “What energy healers do is look at where an issue stems from and tackle it at the roots rather than just the surface. What this does is, it ensures that the issue isn’t merely suppressed, sitting dormant in a corner of the body. Rather it aims to make sure that the problem has completely been destroyed at the roots and left the person’s body for good. So, we work on the thought level, emotional level, on the mind and then the body.”

One of her patients, a breast cancer survivor (name withheld on request) shares, “I went through surgery and chemotherapy, followed by radiation. However, as many patients, I was struggling through chemotherapy and that is when I approached Parita. The sessions gave me strength, both emotionally and mentally, to carry my body through the ordeal.”

The various therapies help dealing numerous issues and overall focus on delivering a well-rounded and a complete life for the person.

Saryu Dalal, a successful mindset coach and energy psychologist practising in USA, explains, “We, as a society, have been trained and programmed to look for security outside of ourselves; when we really should be focusing on finding that security within ourselves.”

She continues, “I work towards replacing the energy of fear with the energy of love, grace and kindness; through that process, we open the channels for abundance to flow into our lives. We can achieve this when we are totally aligned with our inner-power and when we integrally connect with that power. And that is what I help my clients achieve – a life of abundance.”

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Energy healers also conduct telephonic sessions around the world that seem to have a positive impact on the lives of their clients. A solid reminder to become centred and bring the focus back on what truly matters along with the guidance to move in that direction, sure, can only help move towards growth.

World leaders and renowned personalities recommend meditation as an essential in every-day life and vouch that the practice gives them that extra dose of energy to charge through. Look into these options the next time you are struggling, and if traditional medicine does not help, an alternative therapy probably could.

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