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5 Fitness Apps That Work As Your Personal Trainer

Fitness Apps -
Fitness Apps -


5 Fitness Apps That Work As Your Personal Trainer

Can’t afford to hire a coach? These five fitness apps double up as personal trainers for your workouts at the gym or at home.

Gym memberships are expensive. Now asking for a personal trainer on top of it would be a splurge. And given the kind of money we millennials save, it almost makes it impossible to hire a trainer. But, at the same time, you got to keep up the exercising, build those abs, and really get those killer legs! For those of us who are new to working out, especially weightlifting and bodybuilding, expert guidance can be crucial. We definitely don’t want you to raise those dumbbells the wrong way and end up with an injury or no results at all. Life is hard enough as it is. 

Well, put all your worries aside and read on because your Personal Trainer is now available 24*7 on your smartphonephone.


This app guarantees to be your fitness professional coach and we cannot agree less. The free version has enough exercises, but if you wish you can pay a little extra (they call it as cheap as a hamburger), and get the full version with over 250 exercises. The workouts are divided as per muscle groups, such as shoulder, abs, arms, butt, thighs, legs, etc. You can also make your workout chart and measure your results every day, week, and month. Ayush Nathani, a 21-year-old student of engineering from Mumbai recently turned into a fitness enthusiast with the app. He says “I’ve been telling all my friend to use it, too. It’s so simple and so informative.”

Fitness & Bodybuilding 

This is an absolutely free app with video support for every exercise. Here, too, the exercises are divided as per muscle groups. The best part about this app is that all exercises come with an illustration of trained muscles. You can customize your workout plans, add pictures, save data, and it also comes in with built-in timers. What more could you ask for?

Gym Workout Tracker and Trainer

Apart from having the usual muscle group exercises, this app also has high quality videos and text description for each exercise. You can keep a journal of your workout and mark your favourite exercises. There are various workouts already designed for beginners and pros by experts. These workout plans are mixed with cardio to give you a complete experience. Upasana Handa, 24, a budding financial analyst in Jamshedpur and a newbie to working out, says, “I knew nothing about gyms but I really wanted to work out. Stumbled upon this app while researching and up till now there has been not a single day when I have not used it. It’s just amazing.” 

Total Fitness

 Reviews say that if you download the free version of this app, you can’t stop yourself from getting the paid upgrade. It’s that good. This app has an extensive gym exercise guide with images, text, and videos. These guided workouts are titled after famous celebrities; so if you want a body like a particular celeb, just buy that workout guide and get exercising. It also has an often-unnoticed nutrition section that advises you on food intake. There’s also a progress calculator where you will be able to track your BMI, fat % and strength. It’s pretty much a super-senior level personal trainer residing in your phone. 


This app is great for gym as well as home workouts. It has an array of exercises with videos and descriptions. You can also create your own exercises, log exercise notes, and use the built-in timers. If you don’t know how to design a workout, this app has workout programmes designed by experts which will guide you well. It also has a lot of fitness stats and tracking meters like calories burned, distance travelled, average reps, best performances. The best part about it is that you can click and store your workout pictures and see your body transforming over the time. Survi Rathi, 25, a self-employed woman says, “Having this app is a big motivation to go to the gym.” 

Hope we sent the last of your excuses flying out of the window. Happy exercising 🙂




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