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Get A Room! This App Helps Couples Book A Hotel Sans The Judgement



Get A Room! This App Helps Couples Book A Hotel Sans The Judgement

StayUncle’s founder chats about his unique hotel booking service for young, unmarried couples

For unmarried couples in India, getting some privacy and finding a space to make love is a big challenge. Walk into any good hotel and ask for a room on hourly basis — and they’ll give you the heaviest judgemental look before dismissing your ‘disgraceful’ request!

You don’t need this kind of negativity in your life. And you sure as hell don’t need to interact with regressive old souls. Because now, you have the option of booking a couple-friendly, judgement-free hotel room.

Sanchit Sethi, a BITS Pilani alumnus, has started a one-of-its-kind service for young lovers. With StayUncle, you can easily book a full-day or a half-day room in the city.

In conversation with indibeat, Sanchit talks about his journey and explains why a service such as his is the need of the hour.

IB: How did the idea of StayUncle come about?

In 2013, I did hotel bookings for business travellers on hourly basis for meetings. That was the original idea of StayUncle. We tried the concept for two and a half years but could not reach a sizeable market.

When we launched in Delhi, many couples started calling us. That was a turning point, when we started serving unmarried couples instead of business travellers.

IB: Why do you think a platform like this is important in India?

Sex should not be a taboo! When you take something away from someone, they try to do it more. That’s what is happening with sex, love and relationships in India.

If two people want to make love, they should be allowed to do so without having to face any judgement. But that is not the case in India, and that’s why this service was needed to ease the pain.

IB: Did you face any challenges on this project?

No, I did not. It is just the fear which is propagated by some organisations and people.

Most hotel owners or managers know that they cannot take any legal action or harass a couple that wants to book a room — even if they are not married or related to each other.

IB: How’s the response in smaller cities?

The response has been pretty good. Love is everywhere and it is not just for people living in big cities! However, we are currently focussing only on tier1 and tier2 cities.

IB: What would you like to tell unmarried couples, who are worried about security?

I would like to tell them that it is just the fear created by old stories in the media, but nobody even knows (when) or why some particular raid took place.

There are many couples using our services everyday and there is nothing to worry about. Also, there is nothing wrong with what you are doing. It is absolutely normal!

IB: What’s your take on moral policing?

Moral policing exists, but it doesn’t exist in the confines of a hotel room. You may face it in the park, maybe, as you face judgement from uncles and aunties. But things are changing, and more people are realising that moral policing should not exist. I hope that in some years, people will start looking at love in its truest and natural form.

StayUncle operates in more than 40 Indian cities and has served 40,000 couples so far. To book a hotel, visit their website or download the app (Android, iOS).

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