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World Chocolate Day: 5 Chocolate Trends That Will Make You Drool



World Chocolate Day: 5 Chocolate Trends That Will Make You Drool

From unusual pairings to healthier options, chocolates, the world over, are getting dramatic makeovers

From the eternally mind-boggling question of “Melody itni chocolatey kyun hai?” to drool-worthy Instagram posts, the love of chocolates transcends all boundaries. And if you, like us, suffer from a serious weakness for all things chocolate, we’re here to tell you that there never has been a better time to be a true-blue chocolate lover. On the occasion of World Chocolate Day (not that we need a special occasion to treat ourselves), we spoke to two experts—Pooja Dhingra, known for the much-loved Le 15 Patisserie and baking brand WhisQ, and Olivier Vincenot, Corporate Chef, Foodhall—to bring you five delicious trends to watch out for.

1. Healthier chocolates

With the world now collectively gravitating towards healthy eating, desserts and chocolates with less sugar and no gluten have been around for quite some time now. “Apart from those, going lactose-free is a common trend in cocoa and chocolate products, with alternatives such as coconut milk gaining popularity,” notes Olivier.

2. Single origin chocolates

Cacao seeds, just like coffee, are highly influenced by the physical surroundings they are cultivated in, taking on specific flavours from the soil and water, which gives them their distinct taste and aroma. “Customers today are discerning and curious, truly appreciating the value of single malts, single origin coffee and, of course, single origin chocolate!” says Pooja.

3. “Clean” chocolates

There was never a more crucial time for us to be more mindful of how our choices impact the environment. “Where food comes from, how it is produced and how it impacts the environment really matter to today’s customer,” says Olivier. Pooja concurs: “We see this trend across industries ranging from automotive to fashion. Chocolate is no exception!”

4. Sweet and savoury

Chocolate and sea salt have been unlikely best friends for a while, but recent years have seen a spike in products that club chocolate with a lot more savoury stuff. Pooja recommends chocoholics to try chocolate with everything from salted caramel to potato chips and even bacon.

5. Tasting menus

“The world over and here at home, we’re seeing multiple course dessert and chocolate tasting menus at restaurants and cafes,” says Olivier. Dessert lovers rejoice! Get ready to be spoilt for choice and don’t hold back from making a full-fledged meal out of your favourite sweet indulgence!

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