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The Ultimate Burger Joints in Pune



The Ultimate Burger Joints in Pune

The definitive list to satisfy all your munchies in the city.

Before I list out Pune’s juiciest burger joints, a disclaimer – this does not include typical fast-food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s. In addition, this article focuses only on restaurants that highlight their burgers, even if they might serve other accompaniments on their menu.


Confused? You ought to be! Started as “Burger King” by Shapoor Irani (aka The King of Burgers) 25 years back, the joint was renamed “Burger” not so long ago. The name change was a result of a restraining order by a Pune court, initiated by the Florida-based Burger King International. A classic tale of David and Goliath, but it has not adversely affected this foodie haven with two raging outlets, one in ABC Farms and the other at East Street. The affordability and quality factors are too great to ignore.

The Steak Burger is a favorite with beef lovers (carabeef) from all over Pune. Be prepared to wait a while though, as the queues are always very long, a testament to its fame. Popular orders include the Chicken Sausage Surprise and the Jumbo Chicken Burger, with a side of the special Cold Coffee!

The Burger Barn Cafe

Another Pune favourite, The Burger Barn Cafe has four outlets in the city, all boasting of a peaceful, open ambiance with an exceptionally expansive burger menu. From the Barn BBQ Paneer Burger (for our gentle veggie friends) to the Barn Japanese Teriyaki Burger and Prawn Popper Burger, there is a burger to match all sorts of cravings. Expect an explosion of taste, as this joint specializes in delicious, complex flavours.

For accompaniments, try their Oreo Shake and Brownie Shake. If you are feeling adventurous, participate in the WTF Burger challenge to get a place on the coveted Wall of Fame. (You have to polish off a HUGE burger with a large order of fries and a giant shake!)

Burger 11

Burger 11 is literally a godsend, and my personal favorite out of all establishments that serve burgers in the city. A premium late-night food delivery service, it caters to select areas in Pune from 11pm to 4am.

They have a limited menu of six burgers, but The BLT (OMG, this is the best burger EVER) and the Buffmeister (juicy carabeef burger) are among the top. Round up the order with their unbelievable PB ‘n J Cookie Sandwich and you are set for the night!

Aasing’s Kitchen

Probably my first burger joint in Pune, Aasing’s is located on Law College Road. It runs out of a stationary food truck and is managed by a friendly guy named Aasing, who is adept at flipping quick, affordable and flavorsome burgers!

A favorite haunt for college kids in the area since the past nine years, the best items on the menu include Aasing’s Special Chicken Burger and Chicken Burger in Schezwan.

Hard Rock Cafe

I thought ten times before adding the final entry on this list. But I still had to include HRC – because their burgers are too good to resist! Over the years, HRC has definitely developed a strong reputation for serving some of the best burgers in town, in addition to their live acts, iconic ambiance, and alcohol.

My ultimate go-to is the Classic 6 oz Beef Burger (topped with crispy lettuce, tomato and red onion) and a chocolate shake. Also, definitely try the Original Legendary Burger if you haven’t already!  

Image: Niklas Rhöse



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