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Spotlight: In Conversation With TheCrazyIndianFoodie



Spotlight: In Conversation With TheCrazyIndianFoodie

The popular food blogger reveals all in an interview that could make your stomach full, and your heart fuller!

“I’m a normal, young Bombay girl, born and brought up in this crazy city. Like most people my age I love exploring new places, eating out, meeting new people, and finding purpose in our fast-paced city lives.”

A 23-year-old lawyer by profession, Devashree Sanghvi has already achieved a lot. She’s a food and travel influencer at Thecrazyindianfoodie which she started three years ago, and today, it is one of the most popular platforms to know about the latest hotels, restaurants, events, and the like in Mumbai and beyond.

We were thrilled to speak to Devashree to know more about her journey, her brand, and of course, the food she loves and recommends.

IB: Tell us a little about your food blogging journey.

It all started from being a recipe based WordPress blog to an Instagram page of my latest food and travel journeys.

As more and more people started liking and appreciating my work, the followers grew, and I started taking it quite seriously.

I still believe I have a lot of more to do, content to generate, and places to explore. I don’t think I’ve made it big because I don’t believe in settling.

IB: What makes the Mumbai food scene more unique, when compared to the other cities in India?

Mumbai is a hot pot of different cultures and people. You can taste the best flavours of the world, which can be found at a small street food joint and a fine dining restaurant.

Apart from the fact that you have access to food at any time of the day in any lane in the city, what makes Mumbai’s food scene unique is the people and their attitude towards food. Even a humble Vada Pav or Sev Puri symbolises the spirit of Mumbai beautifully.

It’s a city that truly loves its food, and you will never run out of new options to try in Mumbai.

IB: Speaking of other cities, what are some of the best food experiences you’ve had on your travels?

I’ve loved the fried camembert cheese in Budapest, Ice Wine in Belgium, Shawarma in Dubai, traditional Amiri Khaman in Ahmedabad, Iddiyappam in Rameshwaram, and breakfast at W Goa.

Every place you travel to teaches you lessons you can’t learn in a classroom. I’ve had the chance to meet some of my followers and it’s always lovely to hear their stories and to motivate them to keep eating, travelling and sharing their experiences.

IB: What are some of the best restaurants or dishes one can try in Mumbai?

For street food I love Raju Sandwich at Churchgate, Ghatkopar Khaugalli, and Anand Dosa opposite Mithibai College amongst others.

For the best Misal Pav and authentic Maharashtrian food, Aaswad at Dadar is my absolute favourite. Kangan at Westin tops my list for Indian food, China Garden at Kemps Corner for Chinese, and Prego again at the Westin for authentic Italian food.

The thali at Shree Thackers Bhojnalay, Kalbadevi is the ultimate indulgence for Gujarati and Rajasthani food made with lots of love.

However, at the end of the day there is nothing better than a warm meal cooked at home!

IB: Any tips for people who are planning on starting their own food blogging journey?

In this constantly growing and dazzling field of food blogging, where every second day a new blogger is born, it is important to keep working hard and creating good quality, relatable content that stands out.

Never lose your passion for food, no matter how many followers you get. If you have an idea, work on it, do your research, go out into the world, take pictures, and post.

Don’t think twice, and take the plunge without worrying about how many likes you are going to get because eventually, hard work and good content will pay off.

Check out Devashree’s Instagram page hereShe will also be launching her own YouTube channel and Facebook episode series in the coming months, so keep an eye out for that.

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