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Spotlight: In Conversation With Chef Paul Kinny

paul kinny


Spotlight: In Conversation With Chef Paul Kinny

The ace chef talks about his culinary journey and his new pasta menu at 212 All Day

“There are not too many jobs in the world which pay you to eat food!”. Chef Paul Kinny’s love for culinary arts is apparent in the way he talks about his work. He’s been in the F&B business for decades having associated with big names such as the Taj Group, Intercontinental, and St Regis, and now helms the operations for Bellona Hospitality’s 212 brand.

This month, he has put together a fabulous pasta menu for 212 All Day that’s more than just your Aglio E Olio and Arrabiata. It’s a mix of colourful recipes with flavour combinations you may never have tried before.

We recommend the Cranberry & Blue Cheese Tortellini tossed in creamy carbonara sauce with bacon and ham bits; soul-soothing and yum! Also try the Lamb Bolognese Lasagne stuffed with macaroni and cheese — it’s unusual, yes, but truly delicious.

Chef Paul Kinny’s food has always been about fresh flavours and visual appeal. indibeat catches up with him to learn more about his journey, his take on food trends, and more.

IB: What inspired you to become a chef?

During my adolescent days, I was exposed to a variety of foods of different ethnicities, and understood how food has an impact on bringing people together and on our lives as a whole.

That, along with helping my mum to cook in the kitchen, left a lasting impression on me. I fell in love with (cooking) instantly and it inspired me to become a chef.

IB: What makes the new pasta menu at 212 unique?

In this special menu, we’ve done a different take on the traditional pasta. We’re trying to showcase never-seen-before combinations like the Lamb Bolognese Lasagne, which is an ode to America’s favourite comfort food.

For the vegetarian diners, there’s a healthier option of the Beetroot Fettuccine Aglio Olio, finished with basil and fresh sage.

IB: How do you constantly innovate your food to keep the cuisine-savvy customers coming back?

No matter what food trends come and go, the need is to keep falling back on classical cooking (and) to not over-innovate.

Yes, there are a lot of new cooking techniques in our industry, which I have an appreciation for. But at the end of the day, the idea is to use and honour the ingredients the way they are meant to be used — and cook some great food.

And that, by far, will keep guests coming back for more!

IB: What’s your advice for young, aspiring chefs in India?

Invest in dining out, go to the best restaurants, try different cuisines, and don’t be shy of experimenting. Buy books, and surf the net for the latest trends in the food industry. Knowledge doesn’t hurt.

212’s pasta festival will be on through the end of next week. During the fest, there’s a 50% discount on alcoholic beverages from noon to 9 pm. For details, call 61801642.

Image Credit: 212 All Day



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