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This Seaside Restaurant Will Give You The #GoaFeels In Mumbai

razzberry rhino


This Seaside Restaurant Will Give You The #GoaFeels In Mumbai

Beer and the beach, we couldn’t ask for more

Sitting by the sea with a beer in your hand, a smile on your face and the breeze in your hair – sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Mumbai, despite being a coastal town, does not have many beachfront restaurants and the few that are still around, are too overpriced. Which is why Razzberry Rhinoceros comes as a pleasant surprise.

All That Razz

The reinstated Razz Rhino used to be more popular as a nightclub – and it still has an indoor dance floor with an attached bar. But what many don’t know is that Razz Rhino also doubles as a seaside restaurant and lounge with two beautiful alfresco sections overlooking the beach.

They’re open for business all day and serve food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, very well-priced as compared to some of the steep restaurants in vicinity. So you could drop by for a romantic brunch, a sundowner, or a night out with friends, now that Mumbai’s air has gotten cooler.

The music isn’t very loud, perfect for those of us who’ve outgrown raucous teenage parties and prefer having a conversation. The vibe is casual and chill and the view, spectacular. This is as close as you’d get to experiencing Goa in Mumbai.

The New All-Day Menu

Aside from its regular food and drinks menu, Razzberry Rhinoceros has introduced an all-day food menu with small and big eats like sandwiches, rolls, salads and burgers, as well as tea, coffee, milkshakes and dessert.

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Mexican Nachos: A plateful of tortilla chips loaded with two-texture tomato compote and a generous amount of guac, salsa and cheese, this dish makes for the perfect nibble to go with your drinks.

Rum Poached Meatballs: If you enjoy meat, try these bite-sized, melt-in-the-mouth meatballs doused in rum glaze and dotted with feta cheese, yum!

Tawa Fried Fish: Crispy tawa-fried fish with a rub of Indian spices and carom seeds that tingle the taste buds – this is easily our favourite appetiser of the lot.

Chicken Burger: Another must-try is the chicken burger with a lovely grilled chicken patty flanked by fried egg, tomato and lettuce, and served with a side of salad, French fries and chipotle mayo… a wholesome, delicious dish for the hungry soul.

Chicken Risotto: Tender pieces of chicken complete this rich, creamy, flavourful risotto, neatly garnished with micro greens.

Dessert: Choose from banana Nutella crepes, churros, fruit pancakes and homemade muffins, all of them being seasonal and freshly prepared in the kitchen.

So there you go; get your slice of Goa at this Juhu joint. To know more about Razzberry Rhinoceros, follow them on Facebook here. And if you liked our new find, please hit ‘share’ and leave a comment below.

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