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Refreshing Detox Drinks To Suit Your Blood Group

Detox as per blood type


Refreshing Detox Drinks To Suit Your Blood Group

A dietician explains what to include in your detox diet as per your blood group

Detox has become the buzzword; everyone wants to try it. You are watching a video and even the advertisement that pops up is that of a detox method to lose weight. What comes to mind when you think ‘detox’? It is not only about shedding those extra pounds but also getting rid of that piled up stress, lethargy and dullness.

To be sure that you’re doing detox right, you first have to understand the concept fully. Have you ever noticed dullness around your eyes, a feeling of constant tiredness and lethargy? This could be an indication that your body’s natural ability to remove toxins from the body is not working well and needs fixing. That’s where detox comes in. It is all about adopting healthier eating habits to bring harmony in your body fluids.

Detox Done Right

Before you take on a detox diet plan or any other diet for that matter, you must consult with your doctor or nutritionist. A detox will work for you and give you desired results only if it’s done right.

You must have heard of the age old saying, ‘you are what you eat’. The blood type diet is based on this very idea. All the things you eat and how they react to your body define your biochemical future. Each blood type has a different tendency to break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the body. Your blood type determines whether or not something will suit you (or not).

We spoke to freelance dietician Deepanshi Malhotra  about some detox drinks that can be taken according to a person’s blood type. She suggests, “Detox drinks according to blood type are available, however, one has to follow a workout regime as well for the detox to work well.” It is scientifically proven that there is nothing like good or bad metabolism. It all is natural and derived from your blood type, so be sure to follow these simple rules while preparing refreshing drinks and coolers for yourself.

Let’s take a look at the detox drinks that she recommends as per blood type:

Blood Type A

As these people are generally advised to include more from fruits and vegetables in their diet, you can prepare a detox drink using cucumber, watermelon, pomegranate, mint leaves and beetroot. All good things in one drink and you are sorted! It is also advisable for this group of people to avoid animal proteins.

Blood Type B

People with blood type B are advised to include lots of green vegetables in their diet to maintain a healthy body. They should also maintain a low-fat dairy diet. For blood type B, the detox drink should be infused with cucumber, mint leaves and lemon slices.

Blood Type O

People with blood group O are advised to have a high-protein diet. For them, the best detox suggested is barley-infused water. By infused, we mean adding barley to lukewarm water and leave it overnight, strain and drink in the morning.

Blood Type AB

For people with blood group AB, burdock root tea is a great detox drink. They can also benefit from carrot juice and ginger tea.

Now that the recipes are clear, what’s the best method and appropriate time to have these drinks? A general thumb rule that dieticians follow is that the ingredients must be added to water (about 8-10 glasses) overnight and the drink must be taken the following day, all through the day. These detox drinks are easy to make, taste good and are full of nutrients.

Apart from this, dieticians also suggest refraining from oily food, refined sugars and food products loaded with preservativesEat well, exercise regularly and stay stress-free; follow a detox plan to enrich your health .

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