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Mumbai’s Favourite Chocolate Cafes



Mumbai’s Favourite Chocolate Cafes

Calling all you chocoholics; these cafes were made for you

‘Give me the chocolate, and no one gets hurt!’ — a saying that has no real meaning within the premise of the burgeoning chocolate cafes in Mumbai, because there is enough for everyone. So you could say that they are contributing their tiny little bit towards world peace.

What’s a chocolate cafe, you ask? Well it’s a cafe that loves chocolate as much as you and I do. It can’t get better than a menu full of chocolate desserts and drinks, right? Think chocolate waffles, truffles, brownies, chocolate milkshake and more. And these five cafes do it best:

Chocolateria San Churro

Reading the menu at San Churro will excite both, the chocolate lovers as well as the Spanish speaking. With words like poco, medio and fiesta used to describe some of their portions, this cafe transports you to Spain in more ways than one. As the name suggests, the churros served hot and fresh with three pots of chocolate (dark, white and milk) are a prominent part of the experience. Then there’s the signature Chocolate Tapas, churros served with Spanish chocolates, ice cream, and a pot of melted chocolate. Realtor consultant Aditya Chellaram, 26, describes this dish as “An impressive variety of delectable treats that balance each other out wonderfully. The sweet churros go perfectly with the chocolate sauce and the raspberry chocolates.” With quite a large number of tables, the vibrant cafe is a lovely place to devour the many avatars of chocolate on offer. The ‘Classic Spanish Hot Chocolate’ follows an authentic Spanish recipe and is described as ‘rich, thick and seriously addictive’ on their menu. We bet it is!

Signature Chocolate Desserts: Fondue for Two, Choco Loco (dark chocolate milk shake)

Cafe Chokolade

Cafe Chokolade is known for their divine chocolate thick shakes–so thick that you can’t sip them through a regular straw! It’s uniqueness is what brought the Pune-based company all across India in just two years of operation. This was when the product base widened to selling more than just its popular shakes. Their Brownie Sundae is also a hot seller and is recommended by Chokolade’s customers. The chocolate cafe joined hands with international brand Walko Food Group in 2013 to further extend their vision of selling unique and high quality products. Dotted around Mumbai’s suburbs, their Mulund and Juhu branches seem to attract the most people.

Signature Chocolate Desserts: Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream, Belgian Chokolade shake, Chokolade B shake

The Chocolate Room

Enter the room with more than a 100 chocolate delights. Vocal trainer Anushka Ramaswamy, 28, exclaims, “There is a wide variety of chocolate desserts and something for everyone! You will not be disappointed, especially if you have a sweet tooth!” With two stores located in Ghatkopar and Mulund in Mumbai, this nation-wide brand is known for their Hot Chocolate served in an adorable cuddle cup, perfect for the impending muggy monsoons. Speaking of happy customers Chaitanya Kumar, co-founder of The Chocolate Room, says, “We believe in happiness, and it is this confidence that allows us to make each of our customers’ visit an unforgettable experience.”

Signature Chocolate Desserts: Chocolate Avalanche, Chocizza (chocolate pizza)

La Folie Lab

As you enter La Folie Lab on Hill Road in Bandra, you escape into a world of beautiful and warm décor, enchanting indie music and most significantly, Chef Sanjana Patel’s mouth-watering chocolate desserts. Writer and co-owner at La Vie, Urvashi, 29, gushes, “The Hazelnut Eclair is what dreams are made of. The filling is splendidly flavourful!” La folie’s literal translation of ‘madness and magnificence’ is visibly incorporated in all their designer desserts. Their week-old Snickers Praline is already flying off the shelves. The very attentive and obliging staff, discern that the dark chocolate indulgences are most popular amongst their customers. If you are a fan of the cocoa rich option then their Infinite Dark Caramel and Dark Chocolate Eclairs are a must. Good news for the townies, all these scrumptious desserts are coming to Kamala Mills very soon.

Signature Chocolate Desserts: 100% Chocolat, Rocher Praline, Les Alpes Chocolate Mousse, Guanja Souffle (warm chocolate and caramel tart), Chocolate drink (served hot and cold)


Finally we come to Bombay’s trusted old chocolate room, Theobroma, which literally means ‘food of the gods’. This family-owned brand has consistently melted hearts since it’s conception. The current talk of the town is their Chocolate & Cream Cheese Pastry. Political analyst, Tanya, 25, suggests “If you wish to get reeled into absolute bliss then this dessert is a must have!” To all you experimentalists, try their White Chocolate, Green Chilli & Vodka Mousse Cake. The lovely co-owner and head of production, Kainaz Messman Harchandrai, observes that within their array of desserts “chocolate outsells everything else several times over.” For something lavish, pre-order their delicately layered, Chocolate Mille-feuille, which also happens to be Kainaz’s favourite.

Signature Chocolate Desserts: Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Truffle Pastry, Chocolate Mousse, Chocoholic (tiered dark, milk & white chocolate)

I’m sure I have tempted you enough. What are you waiting for; go treat yourself and put a smile on that face!

Image Credit: Theobroma




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