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Mumbai’s Most Desirable Sushi



Mumbai’s Most Desirable Sushi

Move over, California roll! On International Sushi Day we recommend the most creative maki in town

Mumbai loves its fish and its raw fish too! Japanese food is almost synonymous with sushi here. What makes it special, we think, is the use of fresh ingredients and the sheer effort that goes into making each roll. Perfect sushi is a balance of texture, taste and colours that complement each other. Luckily many restaurants have mastered this, still, some do it better than the others. On International Sushi Day today, we bring you a roundup of the best maki in town and it’s not just limited to California and Philadelphia rolls. But first, you ought to know how to eat it right.

The right way to eat sushi

Believe it or not, sushi is supposed to be eaten with your hands–not with chopsticks! That’s the traditional Japanese way, at least. Add a little bit of wasabi on top of the sushi piece, dunk it in soy sauce very lightly (too much soy sauce will overpower the flavours of the ingredients) and eat it in one go. Don’t put those ginger slices on the roll, they’re meant to be palate cleansers between rolls.

Here’s our selection of scrumptious, unique maki rolls in Mumbai:

Carbon Sushi at Pa Pa Ya  

Black sushi, anyone? In keeping with the black foods trend, Carbon sushi is a pure black roll dyed with squid ink, making it the perfect nosh for your SnapStory. Pa Pa Ya has a fantastic sushi selection overall; the seafood is flown in from Japan and stored in a special freezer to maintain freshness. The Carbon roll in particular is one of their best with a filling of crabstick and avocado, topped with crispy bits and micro greens.

Also try: Layered Sushi Pizza (with salmon slices and edamame), Sushi Burger (with salmon, wasabi aioli and sichimi)

Mango Sushi at JW Cafe

JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar’s all-day cafe has a vast multi-cuisine buffet with a dedicated sushi section. They do a variety of maki rolls but the best part is–there are different rolls every week. When asked about what makes their sushi unique, Japanese chef Toshiyoki Okabe said, “We use the freshest of ingredients that are currently in season. What makes good sushi is 50% rice and 50% filling. Some places don’t follow this and add too much rice but respect the ratio” They surely do, and the sushi is fantastic. This week, for instance, they have a rather unusual roll with crab, salmon, cream cheese and mango. The combination actually works! They also make an interesting eel and avocado roll. As the season changes, chef Okabe brings new and exciting recipes to the table.

Also try: Caterpillar Roll (breaded prawn, cucumber and avocado)

Cherry Blossom (flower-shaped sushi) at Kofuku

Kofuku has the best sushi selection in Mumbai hands down. If you’re looking for something unique try the Cherry Blossom, flower-shaped sushi roll with salmon and avocado, covered with a layer of blushing pink tuna. It tastes as good as it looks!

Also Try: Oh My God Sushi (flaming sushi with salmon, tuna, yellow tail and avocado drizzled with a creamy sauce), The Hollywood Roll (shrimp tempura, yellow tail, avocado, spicy sauce)

Surf & Turf Sushi at Shizusan

This new Pan-Asian restaurant has interesting names on its sushi menu. Surf & Turf comprises lobster, seared tenderloin and jalapenos in a maki roll, a unique combination we haven’t seen on any other sushi menu yet.

Also Try: Dynamite Shrimp (shrimp tempura roll with Sriracha mayo)

Crispy Duck Maki at Shiro

The Pan-Asian Worli restaurant with its elusive décor has been our go-to option for its Japanese and Thai food for many years. Now, duck is not the most common choice of protein used in sushi in Mumbai at least. So tease your palate with this fried duck roll finished with a hoisin glaze and spring onions.

Also try: Shiitake Tempura Maki, Dyna Maki (tempura prawns with Japanese mayo)

Toro Truffle at Yuuka

Feeling rich? Try Toro Truffle, a fancy maki roll with seared toro (the fatty part of tuna), black truffle, shrimp tempura, caviar, and a price tag of Rs 2,750!

Also Try: The Alligator Roll with shrimp, eel, crabstick, avocado (no alligator meat!)


Carbon Sushi (Image:


Mango Sushi (Image:


Toro Truffle (Image:

Did we miss your favourite sushi in Mumbai? Tell us in the comments below.

Title Image: Kofuku Japanese



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