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Mix It Up: 7 Mumbai Restaurants That Serve Lip-Smacking Fusion Food

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Mix It Up: 7 Mumbai Restaurants That Serve Lip-Smacking Fusion Food

There’s a new culinary trend in town — and we’re loving the mashup of cuisines!

Indians are inherently and unabashedly gluttonous — that’s indisputable. Love for delicious, flavoursome food forms a huge part of our culture, and considering we’re open to trying all kinds of food, there’s a new one in the market that has really left us salivating: fusion food.

Think international dishes in desi flavours, or vice versa, and the resultant scrumptious combinations will be nothing short of a party in your mouth.

If the mere thought of this gets you excited, then well, know that there are options aplenty too.

Here’s a curated list of seven of the best restaurants in the city, whose take on fusion food will leave you craving more!

1. Off The Grid, Andheri

An incredibly spacious restaurant with three seating areas, Off The Grid boasts an excellent combination of Indian, Asian, and Continental options to pick from.

The talented chef Satish Rawat’s culinary extravaganza is on full display, where he uses his 15-year experience to serve a combination of some of the most delicious and creative recipes.

The restaurant’s menu is extensive enough to please any and every kind of taste, and the fusion food excels in presentation, quantity, and quality.

Fusion Favourites: Khichiya Nachos, Trio of Lasagna, Slow Cooked Lamb Steak, Whiskey Malai Maarke

Khichiya Nachos

2. +91, Juhu

Named after India’s country code, +91 is your quintessential modern Indian restaurant. As its knowledgeable staff will gladly tell you, it serves a range of dishes with a delightful combination of flavours that will excite all your senses.

Fusion Favourites: Indian Pizette (see title image, right), Broccoli Masala Khichdi with Risotto Rice, Zucchini Musallam, Motichur-Sitafal Rabdi Parfait

3. Dishkiyaaon, BKC

One of BKC’s most popular joints, Dishkiyaaon’s menu seems like it was tailor-made for this list. Everything about the restaurant screams fusion food, so be prepared to take multiple trips to try the many fantastic dishes served here.

Fusion Favourites: Dhokla Bruschetta, Chowpaty Bhutta Tempura, Kheema Croissant, Quinoa Kulcha Sliders, Amritsari Chimichanga, Gajar Halwa Pannacotta

4. Bar Bar, Kurla

Bar Bar is known for being, well, a bar with wholesale pricing, but its menu boasts some terrific fusion food options too. They have a Boozy BBQ festival going on this week — so check in to Bar Bar for some vodka, tequila, gin, and rum-spike delicacies.

Fusion Favourites: Chinjabi Chilli Paneer, White Rum Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Beef Tenderloin with Whisky Cream Sauce

White Rum Tandoori Chicken Tikka

5. Tappa, Lower Parel

Tappa serves up modern Indian dishes with an innovative twist, with a plethora of variations of our desi favourites on offer. To be honest, it’s splendidly curated, exquisitely plated food that tastes divine.

Fusion Favourites: Khubani Tarte Tatin (see title image, left), Haleem Khousuey, Mantu Afghani Dumpling Chaat, Nude Chicken Kathi in Lettuce Wraps, Avocado Naan Kathai Cheesecake

Haleem Khowsuey

6. Farzi Cafe, Lower Parel

Zorawar Kalra and his ventures need little to no introduction. Among them is Farzi Cafe, with an exciting menu that’s sure to please the palate.

Fusion Favourites: Tandoori Margarita Kulcha, Dal Ghost Tacos, Amritsari Fish ‘n Chips, Parle G Cheesecake

7. The Spare Kitchen, Juhu & Worli

The long-standing restaurant is popular with Indian families because there’s something for everyone here. The multi-cuisine menu covers Mughlai, Bombay chaat, Mexican, American, and Italian food as well as a mishmash of all of these!

Fusion Favourites: Pav Bhaji Tostada, Chicken Tikka Popcorn, Chicken Sukkha Pita Pockets, Butter Chicken Risotta

Image Credit: (1) Tappa, (2) +91 Juhu





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