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Malad On A Platter: Small Eateries, Big Bite



Malad On A Platter: Small Eateries, Big Bite

These new outlets are driving the food scene in Malad by serving the best grub on a budget

Pani-puriwallahs and sandwichwallahs have now taken a backseat in Malad, all thanks to a set of new outlets that are driving the food scene here by serving some of the best grub on a budget.

Up until a few years ago, Malad was better known as a faraway suburb with very little to offer for food lovers. Over the years, new restaurants with fresh concepts have started mushrooming here and the culinary scene has changed for the better.

Whether it’s the juicy ‘jawbreaker burgers’ at Jimis Burgers or delicious pizzas at Joey’s Pizza, these joints attract crowds by the dozen. Eateries such as these take their food damn seriously and also do the sides perfectly well. The fries or potato wedges lined with cheese sauce at Jimis and the Super Cheese Garlic Bread at Joey’s have a permanent place on the must-have list. The fact that the small eateries in Malad also score high on providing value for money with a comfortable ambience, makes them a great dining option for students and office-goers alike.

Aakshay Amesur, a 22-year-old law student, travels quite a distance to eat at Joey’s. He says, “I travel with my group of friends from Mahim to Malad only to visit Joey’s. I don’t have to break the bank for eating pizzas here that are well-loaded with cheese and satisfying quantities of toppings.” He adds, “My group (of friends) is drawn to this location because there are other great places to hangout around here, where we can head to after having our fill.”

Over the last five years, Malad’s food landscape has expanded to encompass a variety of offerings. The juicy steaks at Stacks and Racks enjoy quite the popularity, as does the Healthizza (healthy pizza) at the all-veg eatery, Pishu’s.

Tie Joshi, a #9 reviewer in Mumbai on the Zomato leaderboard and an expert foodie in Malad, shares, “Malad is slowly becoming the hub with great places that have excellent ratings, something that was missing in the earlier half of the decade. The places in Malad are affordable and easily accessible for anyone on this side of the suburbs. While Parel is still the food-hub, it caters at a higher pricing and is often seen as a weekend option by those residing in the suburbs.”

Furthermore, Malad is laced with good pubs such as The Hood where friends can catch up and enjoy the night without burning a hole in the pocket. At the same time, there are good dining-in options such as Flag’s where you can enjoy a multi-cuisine meal with your family. For those who want to order in, there are fantastic delivery options such as The Third House for North Indian, Chinese and Thai food.

Although there are high-range options such as Zaffran and Indigo Deli here, Malad continues to be dominated by smaller eateries that pull students and crowds, thanks to pricing, quality, accessibility and ambience. Namrata Soni, a 23-year-old marketing professional, says, “The plethora of budget eating options that have come in Malad now, is amazing! It adds to the whole mall culture here, making the place that much more vibrant.”

Malad radiates a whole new vibe and is clearly in the process of transitioning into a foodie’s paradise. Who knows? The next great outlet could be opening here soon. Keep an eye out!

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