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On the Prowl for Mumbai’s Meanest Steaks



On the Prowl for Mumbai’s Meanest Steaks

Whether you like yours medium, rare, or well-done, here are five tried-and-tested places to get your meat on in the city.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t not mention steaks in Mumbai in the same breath as the Beef Ban. It has deprived meat lovers in the city of a chance to quietly enjoy a piece of meat without a fuss — but hey, that’s life for you.

While the chances of drooling over steaks in the city have been rendered rare (get it?), there are still restaurants that, thankfully enough, serve a mean carabeef steak.

We’ve listed down the best ones for you!


Although we usually refrain from any sort of bias, there’s no way we could leave a personal favourite off the list.

Why? Well, because Imbiss is an absolute meatfest! Huge, delicious portions at cheap prices = value for money. It’s simple math, really.

What’s not to love?

Where: Bandra and Colaba
Cost for two: Rs. 800


Considering it’s a gorgeous fine-dining restaurant, it’s definitely not going to be as cheap as Imbiss. If you’re a simple steak-and-potatoes person, though, Ellipsis serves one of the best classic steaks. If you can afford it, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Where: Colaba
Cost for two: Rs. 2500

Indigo Deli

Indigo’s chain of restaurants around the city are well renowned for all the right reasons. A culinary delight in its own right, the restaurant seldom disappoints — which is why it’s an obvious pick for a finely-cooked steak.

Where: Colaba, Lower Parel, Ghatkopar, Bandra, Andheri, and Malad
Cost for two: Rs. 2500

The Sassy Spoon 

Regular steaks are all well and good, but here’s what Sassy Spoon has on offer: A coffee- and pepper-crusted steak with mash potatoes, sautéed vegetables, balsamic dressing, and… Coffee.

Sounds unique? Well, it definitely has us sold!

Where: Bandra and Nariman Point
Cost for two: Rs. 2000


Yes, we all love the traditional steak, but wouldn’t it be nice to experiment a little and give it a slight twist?

Kofuku’s Hambagu Steak is cooked Japanese-style and is unlike any other steak you’ll ever eat. If you’re an adventurous soul, we highly recommend you dig in!

Where: Bandra(W)
Cost for two: Rs. 2000





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