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Let’s Get Kathi Rolling

kathi roll


Let’s Get Kathi Rolling

We can’t get enough of these Kolkata-style egg rolls

Does the thought of piping hot egg rolls filled with a spicy mix and served with a dash of mint chutney cause you to drool? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we are about to take you on a journey around the best Kathi Rolls in town!

The original ‘Kati’ Roll belongs to Kolkata — it’s a crispy egg wrap with chicken kebab. But of course, it has evolved over time and is now available in many Indian cities.

If you’re in Pune, grab the best rolls here:

1. Olympia

This iconic joint has consistently served some of the best food in Pune over the years.

What started as a small hole-in-the-wall has now blossomed into a significant shop. Who can say no to a quick pit-stop at MG Road to relish a thick Kathi Roll that’s served within minutes? Not us for sure.

The Chicken Rolls are priced at Rs 150.

2. Kapila Kathi Kebab

One simply can’t miss this name when talking about the best food in Pune.

Kapila was once the go-to joint for college-goers and is still quite popular. In fact, the street stall draws several customers at any given time of the day.

Fancy a meal on the street, gorging on scrumptious Kathi Rolls with chilled Coke? This is the place to be.

The Chicken Rolls are priced at Rs 150.

3. Marrakesh

All those who’ve been to Pune are familiar with the legacy of Marrakesh. The Kathi Rolls at this particular outlet (they have 14 branches all over the city) will have you licking your fingers clean (true story!).

We guarantee you’ll call for a second round of the Butter Chicken Kathi Roll, priced at Rs 125.

4. Question Mark – Taste of Kolkata

This local joint is a gift to all the homesick Bengalis residing in Wakad.

The simple menu that consists of Luchi, Aloo Bhaaja, Fish Chop, and other Bengali staples is popular with everyone — Bengali or not.

The rolls are especially yum. Egg Roll, Chicken Roll, Aloo Roll, Mutton Roll — you name it, they have it. A refreshing change from the usual masala-filled rolls, this one finds the right balance between sweet and spicy.

Prices range from Rs 50 to Rs 160.

5. Kolkata Darbar

A humble eating joint located in the busy neighbourhood of NIBM, Kolkata Darbar serves some of the most delicious Kathi Rolls in the city.

The rolls are cooked in a distinctive Bengali style and sold for as little as Rs 90. Try the Egg Chicken Roll, or the Double Egg Double Chicken Roll!

Kolkata Darbar is a popular home-delivery option amongst residents of the area, and is often praised for other Bengali preparations too, especially the Biryani.

Kathi Roll stalls are stationed in every nook and corner of the city, right from the by-lanes of old Poona to the bustling new areas. Where do you enjoy your rolls in Pune? Tell us in the comments below.

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar




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