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Fun Alternatives to Takeout Dinners That Don’t Involve (Too Much) Cooking



Fun Alternatives to Takeout Dinners That Don’t Involve (Too Much) Cooking

Tired of the same ol’ dinner each night? New-age apps and chefs are offering home delivery with a twist.

Who doesn’t love to eat a wholesome meal at home?

Home-cooked meals are the best, but hard to whip up as we get busier.

The solution — takeaways and ordering in. But ordering from the same places can become boring as hell as well.  

Home Chefs, Now Delivering

Alas, there’s a new another option of ordering in, from homegrown chefs who blend professional quality cooking with an innate homeliness. It’s just right for those times when you want to eat something different without eating out.

Folks craving Parsi food for dinner in Mumbai can hit up Bawi Bride, Perzan Patel, who promises scrumptious dhansak and chicken farcha, among other goodies.

In Bengaluru, the Anglo Banglo kitchen whips up Anglo-Indian treats such as spinach-stuffed chicken breasts and beef roast.

Also in Bengaluru, Meal Boat gives you a glimpse of home cooks around the city. There may be delivery charges involved, but you can be assured of personalized services and food that truly tastes like home.

Operating in Delhi and Gurgaon, Bite Club works on similar lines with professional and home chefs.

Go Online, Get Food

Everyone who hates navigating through difficult phone calls to restaurants, we know your pain.

Never mind the fact that some of your favorite places just refuse to deliver. But an army of delightful food brokers are emerging, who take care of your orders, pick up food from even the impossible places and deliver it in time for your next meal.

All you need is a smartphone and/or a computer with access to the Internet.

The old players include Foodpanda and Zomato’s recently launched Zomato Order, but there are newer players such as Swiggy, available in six Indian cities (Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hdyerabad, Pune, and Delhi) which lets you easily place orders via their app that accept payments via cash, credit, or netbanking. 

Place your order, give a time and place, and sit back and relax. That is all you have to do, literally.

Ready to Cook, Gourmet Edition

If you’ve stayed on your own, you know what a pain it is to cook for one.

No wonder ready-to-cook meal services sound like a heaven-send.

And this is not your usual preservative-laden dal makhni and dehydrated palak paneer.

Some of the brands are sourcing fresh ingredients and using gourmet techniques to give you an upscale but super easy cooking experience at home.

Bengaluru’s Chef Kraft makes cooking easier by offering dishes prepped to be cooked in minutes.

Expect no run of the meal food – fettuccine in blue cheese and parmesan sauce with heirloom tomatoes and crouton salad, and Balinese chicken with jasmine rice and Asian greens feature in a curated menu which changes monthly.

The also recently collaborated with Big Basket to launch a Happy Chef service offering gourmet salads, and global cuisines.

Equally exotic is the Mumbai-based Haute Chef, whose “meal kits” are winning over foodies in the city.

Their culinary inspirations are far-flung, with delicacies like a Japanese mushroom and miso ramen and an American-style pickled lychee and broccoli sandwich on the menu. We are suddenly hungry!

There may be a few who don’t live to eat (really, how?) but for most of us, good meals equal bliss. These options make our meals better, both in terms of convenience and taste. Happy ordering in!

Do you have interesting ordering options in your city? Let us know in your comments.



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