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Bombay’s Best Guilt-Free Desserts



Bombay’s Best Guilt-Free Desserts

Enjoy your dessert without the guilt of consuming refined sugar

The health and fitness industry is growing at an incredible pace, and with that, restaurants, patisseries and bakeries are having to up their game to stay in business. This means, modifying their recipes to suit the demands of millennials like ourselves, who care for fitness but also love desserts!

And when it comes to dessert, we can all agree that sugar — especially refined sugar — is the worst enemy. So we’ve rounded up some delicious sugar-free treats for you to indulge in without guilt:

1. Raw Vegan Strawberry Parfait by The Green Stove

The Green Stove’s vegan menu is designed for the healthy soul.

We’re excited about their newest addition to the list of guilt-free desserts. The Raw Vegan Strawberry Parfait is packed with nuts and seeds, and fruit, minus the refined sugar, flour and oil. And it’s served up in a jar! You can pick up your order, or have it delivered for a small additional fee.

2. Keto Desserts by Bombay Bizarre Baker

Tara Kapur is a home baker in Bandra who has tailored a special keto-friendly (high fat, low carb) dessert menu for her health crazed customers.

We had a word with her to find out that she uses a “sugar replacement called erythritol” in her desserts. She has experimented with stevia and Splenda, but she felt like those didn’t bake as well.

From cheesecakes to muffins and cookies, if you’re a keto follower, you can go all out on her dessert menu. Be sure to order your goodies a day in advance, so they can bake it fresh for you.

3. Oats & Walnut Cookies by Gaylord Bake Shop

You’ll surely have stopped by (or at least heard of) the iconic Gaylord Restaurant in Bombay. The Gaylord Bake Shop is more than 60 years old, and has lived up to it’s reputation till date.

Not one to be left behind in the sugar-free bandwagon, you can order most of their cakes in a sugar-free version. Their sugar-free Oats and Walnut Cookie is not to be missed.

4. Date & Carrot Cake by Divya’s Healthy Treats

Divya’s guilt-free desserts are baked with the healthiest ingredients ranging from zucchini to quinoa, oats, fruit and nuts. Her Date and Carrot Cake will satisfy that sweet tooth without throwing you off your diet. Get in touch with her if you need special festive packaging or a specific type of dessert.

If we’ve missed some great sugar-free desserts in Mumbai, drop your recommendations in the comments below.

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