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The Best Of Bandra’s Cheap Eats: Under Rs 200

Best Of Bandra's Cheap Eats


The Best Of Bandra’s Cheap Eats: Under Rs 200

Got less than Rs 200 in your pocket? Don’t worry, you’ve got some of the best food at your beck and call in Bandra

Bandra—queen of the ’burbs and queen of good food. This little neighbourhood in Western Mumbai has diverse dining options, both in terms of cuisine and pricing. Its narrow lanes are dotted with restaurants and cafes that serve a mean meal at affordable rates (Rs 100 to Rs 200). Go on, enjoy your burgers, biryani, kebabs and more at these handpicked favourites.

1. Duke Restaurant & Store, Chapel Road

An all-time hit with college-goers, this modest eatery is known for cheap, scrumptious Indian and Chinese food. It serves the finest Beef Fry and Mutton Curry in the neighorhood. From college students to families, couples and kids, you’ll find a varied crowd thronging the outlet at all times of the day.

IB Recommends: Mutton Biryani (Rs 80), Beef Fried Rice (Rs 120)

2. National Restaurant, Bandra Talao

If you’re craving mother’s wholesome home-cooked food, trust National Restaurant to deliver something close. As the name suggests, this desi diner offers a range of Indian dishes generously doused in ghee and butter. So when you’re not counting calories, drop by for a budget meal here. Everything on the menu is priced below Rs 200.

IB Recommends: Day Fry (Rs 90), Palak Fried Pulao (Rs 170), Paneer Bhurji (Rs 150)

3. Mac Craig, Pali Hill

The wafting aroma of kebabs will leave you salivating as you enter this little hole-in-the-wall. The 25-year-old cafe has all of four tables, but has stood the test of time and competition from newbies in the neighbourhood.

Try their pan rolls, cutlets and kebabs, Goan Sausage Buns and Xacuti, as well as Indian favourites such as Dal Makhani and different types of parathas and biryani. Don’t miss their mini tarts and donuts baked in-house.

IB Recommends: Kheema Paratha (Rs 50), Chicken Chilli Salami Roll (Rs 90)

4. Good Luck Café, Near Mehboob Studios

It’s hard to miss this in-your-face restaurant with the name written in a bold Arabic font. We bet you’ll never find this Irani food joint empty. With three servers on their toes at all times, Good Luck serves some lip-smacking Keema Pav and Chicken Shawarma.

One thing you absolutely must not miss is their signature Irani chai (teamed with Bun Maska, of course).

IB Recommends: Kheema Pav (Rs 100), Chicken Cutlet (Rs 30), Bun Maska-Jam-Cheese (Rs 40)

5. Hearsch Bakery, Hill Road

Situated in the rundown compound of an old bungalow, Hearsch is always abuzz with hungry fans who aren’t complaining about its odd location.

This bakery with German roots has a small display counter and a kitchen behind it, doling out the yummiest sandwiches and rolls, croissants and noodles. They also sell biscuits, wafers and pastries. The only downside: there’s no seating option.

IB Recommends: Chicken Spring Rolls (Rs 40), Chicken Burger (Rs 80), Ginger Lemonade (Rs 20)

6. Yacht, Hill Road

Just because you are running low on cash doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a watering hole in Bandra. Yacht, a three-decade old bar, might not look like much (and doesn’t score high on neatness either) but is popular for its low-cost alcohol and cheap go-to meals with good portion sizes. Try their Chinese nosh, such as Triple Schezwan Fried Rice and Crispy Chicken.

IB Recommends: Chicken Fried Rice (Rs 80), Bhurji Pav (Rs 60)

7. Cheron, Carter Road

Aside from awesome Parsi mains, Cheron serves bakery bites like puffs, croissants and rolls as well as sandwiches and wraps – all reasonably priced. There’s an outlet on Hill Road too if you want to pick up awesome cakes in a good price range.

IB Recommends: Chicken Puff (Rs 40), Spinach Mushroom Puff (Rs 35), Chicken Mince Burger (Rs 110)

8. Cafe Andora, St Dominic Road

I’ve been a regular at this pocket-friendly joint through my college years. The unofficial canteen of St Andrew’s College serves some of the best Fugiyas (deep-fried East Indian bread) and rolls.

Unfortunately, they’ve stopped serving Chinese meals but they still have a good selection of veg and non-veg snacks to choose from. They also have a separate dessert counter with options such as Raisin Muffins, Choco Lava Cake, Donuts and Lemon Tarts.

IB Recommends: Chocolate Rum Balls (Rs 25), Chicken Mayo Roll (Rs 40)

What are your favourite Bandra restaurants? Tell us in the comments below.




Arundhati Chatterjee is a part-time writer, full-time dreamer. Hoards fountain pens, listens to The Beatles, eats multiple meals and yawns too often. Follow her @TheBongBox

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