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All-Day Breakfast Cravings? Yes, Please!

All-Day Breakfast Cravings? Yes, Please!


All-Day Breakfast Cravings? Yes, Please!

Pancakes for lunch, Eggs Benedict for dinner? YUM! Check out where to get the most decadent breakfast favourites across the country.

The humble, hearty breakfast is going mainstream.

If you’ve watched Parks and Recreations, you know about Leslie and Ron’s undying love for breakfast food. As they decided wisely in Season 2, no other food is worth it.

Leslie: Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?
Ron: People are idiots, Leslie.

As it happens, Ron and Leslie are not the only ones smitten. Breakfast food you can eat all the time is a burgeoning, no, exploding trend. So much so that breakfast for dinner has been dubbed #brinner. A rather unflattering name for such gorgeous meals, we’d like to think.

We will stick to #alldaybreakfast and here’s all that we’d eat each morning and all day.

Eggs Everywhere and Anywhere

As classic breakfast staples, eggs are suddenly up and trending. The best thing is that there’s no one way to eat them. Choose from a simple poach, milky scrambled eggs, spicy bhurji, stuffed omelettes, boiled eggs, devilled ones, Parsi-style Kejriwals or a Kerala roast. Eat them on their own or have them with bread and veggies. Eat them all day.

#eatingout: We wish there were more places specialising in eggs like The Egg Factory in Bengaluru and Delhi’s Eggers Madhouse.

Idlis, Vadas, and Dosas

Idlis and vadas are perfect anytime snacks and dosas make for filling meals. In moderate quantities, these no-fuss eats are healthy too. It’s a win-win. And if you think that ‘South Indian’ food tastes the same everywhere, think again. Every state has its own take on these dishes—the sambar you eat in Tamil Nadu is rather different from its Karnataka counterpart.

#eatingout: If you’re in Chennai, head to Vrindavan in Mylapore for ghee dosas. In Bengaluru, Brahmin’s Coffee House’s idli-vada and khara bhaat are bestsellers.

Full English Breakfast

Noon or midnight, come hail or storm, I’m always ready for this hearty meal. Toast with (I love my yolk runny), bacon, sausages, mushrooms and baked beans—it’s traditional, wholesome and sinfully fatty. Add some potatoes and you’re golden. With recipes from the likes of Jamie Oliver, whipping up a #yummy meal at home is super easy.

#eatingout: At Social outlets across the country, fill your tummies and hearts with Sid’s Very Posh Breakfast.

Kheema Pao

Staying in Mumbai can leave you with a taste for a lot of flavours. One of those is the kheema pao. The minced meat served with soft, buttery pav makes for scrumptious comfort food. Mutton kheema tastes grand, but this is a simple recipe to improvise and use the meat of your choice. Even vegetarians can try their own version with minced soya.

#eatingout: Try old-school Irani and Muslim cafes. When in Mumbai, head to Colaba’s Olympia Coffee House.


Made right, even a basic pancake taste awesome. Don’t believe us? Ask Martha Stewart. All you need are a few supplies and some practice. Not everyone likes their pancake sweet (like yours truly), and savoury pancakes make for more filling meals. Tomatoes and mushrooms, bacon, seasonal vegetables–take your pick and use as stuffing. If you’re looking for something desi, make a besan chilla.

#eatingout: Dripping in syrup, with seasonal fruits, the pancakes at Smokehouse Deli will make you giddy.

Breakfast skippers, you are missing on a lot of foodie goodness. Not just healthy meals, but also some scrumptious food. Isn’t it great that you can now eat it whenever you want?

Tell us about all the breakfast foods you are ready to eat 24×7.



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