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7 Food Shows To Binge-Watch On Netflix India

Best Food Shows Netflix India


7 Food Shows To Binge-Watch On Netflix India

The best of ingredients, secret recipes and #foodporn.

Aspiring chefs, culinary travel enthusiasts and hungry foodies—whet your appetite for the best food and cooking shows on Netflix India. These shows will take you places you may not have seen before and introduce you to ingredients you may not have tasted before. Catch them before they’re gone. Bon appetit!

1. Anthony Bourdain – A Cook’s Tour

We’ve all loved his Emmy-winning CNN show, Anthony Bourdain – Parts Unknown, where he took us on a hike across the lesser-known pockets of Miami and Iran. With Anthony Bourdain – A Cook’s Tour, the celebrated chef takes us on a gastronomic trip to exotic locales where we learn about the local culture and cuisine. Each episode is soaked in nostalgia and the history of the place, as well as his own life. “We see him attend ceremonies across these small towns he visits–he meets locals, samples their dishes, and the passion with which he talks is next to none. It’s delectable,” says Julius Aranha, 26, a corporate professional.

2. Chef’s Table

This show is a rage, and for all the right reasons. Mumbai-based writer Gayatri Sapru, 25, cannot stop raving about it. “I’m a home cook with secret chef ambitions, and nothing gets me going like listening to how much passion these chefs have for local ingredients, preserving tradition and keeping it simple,” she says. From picking the right ingredients to unearthing interesting anecdotes about them, and finally plating the sumptuous spread, Chef’s Table is a dream for all things food.

3. Cooked

Most of my colleagues and friends are busy binging on order-ins and various delivery services through the week. But on weekends, they don the chef’s hat and cook up a storm (or at least try to!). For inspiration they watch Cooked, which happens to be quite an antithesis to the high-culture, food frenzy shown in Chef’s Table. Cooked is more personal; it takes you to the kitchens of various cultures and shows you simpler, more rustic modes of cooking.

4. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Now this isn’t your usual cooking show; rather, a drama series centered around food. It’s based on an award-winning manga, and if reviews are to be believed, is grave but heartwarming. This 10-part Japanese production revolves around a small Tokyo restaurant that functions only during the night. Each episode is dedicated to a dish and the stories around it, and how the chef goes to various lengths to make his customers happy. “I have been binge-watching this one for a while now. And there’s only one word to describe this show: amaze,” says Poulomi Das, 24, a media professional.

5. The Mind Of A Chef

Food nerds, this one is for you. Korean-American restaurateur David Chang’s 20-minute episodes are not so much about the process of cooking as much as they’re about the history of ingredients, tiny bits of trivia and tricks of the trade. The focus is hugely on food innovation. An added plus: Anthony Bourdain is the narrator.

6. Restaurant Australia

Here’s yet another love letter to the culinary world from Down Under. Iconic chefs Neil Perry, Ben Shewry and Peter Gilmore take us hiking around parts of Australia to explore their secret spices, grand cellars and the best of local produce. This is your guide to preparing the most authentic Aussie meal under the guidance of their best chefs.

7. Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan

Here’s a piece of culinary history that our school textbooks missed out on. Follow this show to know interesting anecdotes about the food in the royal kitchens of India. If you think you already know, try answering this—what was emperor Jehangir’s favourite dish? What are the actual roots of the South Indian delicacy, sambhar? What did the Mughals eat as comfort food?

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