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5 Comfort Foods For Mumbai’s Monsoon



5 Comfort Foods For Mumbai’s Monsoon

Downpour bringing along a bunch of cravings? Here are some foods that perfectly complement the rains

Ah, the monsoons — a season we love if we’re by our window sill sipping on a delicious cup of hot chocolate, but hate if we’re caught in a downpour sans an umbrella in the middle of Andheri East! While rains in Mumbai are known to bring much-needed relief from the sweltering summer, they also bring along a craving for certain, very specific types of comfort food. But which ones to eat and where can you get them? Well, read on to know more, as we at IndiBeat present a roundup of our favourite monsoon munchies.

1. Kanda Bhaji

Onion Pakoda or Kanda Bhajias it called in the local lingo, is a popular year-round snack in Mumbai — but its demand peaks for good reason during the monsoon. The crunchy, deep-fried delicacy is best enjoyed piping hot on a cold rainy day. It must be served with a generous portion of green coriander chutney and a side of masala chai!

Where: It’s an easy recipe that won’t take long to master. However, there are scores of restaurants and roadside stalls alike that serve the famous crispy snack.

2. Masala Chai

Indians are the largest consumers of tea in the world, so there’s no surprise that Masala Chai makes our list. Be it a nice big cuppa while snuggling and reading a book, or a kadak cutting at a tapri as you duck into the closest shelter you find, masala chai is guaranteed to spread warmth in your body and soothe your senses, one blissful sip at a time. Adding spices like ginger, clove and cinnamon to the chai also helps fight seasonal infections.

Where: Tapris (tea stalls) are everywhere, but as long as you’re not a disaster in the kitchen, you can easily make it at home!

3. Batata Vada & Samosa

Maharashtra’s pride and go-to food item after the first whiff of petrichor, there’s nothing like indulging in hot Vada Pav on a rainy day. The sweet imli chutney and the spicy lehsun chutney complement the deep-fried potato vadas perfectly, making this snack nigh on irresistible. If you’re not a Vada Pav fan (gasp!), an ideal substitute in the form of hot samosas ought to do the trick.

Where: Every neighbourhood has its own famous Vada Pav stall. If you’re craving the famous A1 samosa, though, head to Guru Kripa in Sion.

4. Bhutta

As a Mumbaikar, it’s not uncommon to see people standing by carts by the beach as they wolf down yet another Bhutta (roasted corn on the cob). The sunny yellow corn is peeled, roasted on fiery coal, glazed with butter, and finally, smeared with a half-cut piece of lemon dipped in red chilli powder. It’s affordable, easy to prepare, and incredibly yum, making it a splendid treat during the rains.

Where: At any bhuttawala (corn vendor) in the neighbourhood. You could also buy bhutta and roast it at home. If you’re around King’s Circle area in Matunga, don’t forget to try the Butter Bhutta (corn smeared with extra butter)!

5. Misal Pav

Another dish native to Maharashtra, Misal Pav is a spicy, fiery delight that happens to be healthy thanks to the lentils and lemon used in the recipe. The curry is packed with flavours, sprinkled with sev and raw onions for added crunch, and served hot with soft, fresh pav…mmm!

Where:You’ll find the best Misal at Maharashtrian restaurants like Aaswad and Prakash, and at Datta’s on Mumbai-Pune Highway on your way to Lonavala.

Which are your favourite dishes to eat during the monsoon? Share them with us by commenting below.

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