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10 Restaurants That Prove Bandra Is The Hub For Vegans In Mumbai



10 Restaurants That Prove Bandra Is The Hub For Vegans In Mumbai

There’s no dearth of vegan and healthy eating options in Bandra

Veganism is here to stay. Be it for humane or environmental reasons, more and more people are turning vegan by the day — and as the demand for the same increases, the supply has noticeably gone up too. The result, of course, is that today, there are scores of restaurants and eateries that will easily whip up a delicious vegan meal for you.

However, while they’re scattered across the city, Bandra is one place where you’re actually spoilt for choice. These 10 restaurants prove just that:

1. Farmer’s Cafe

The menu claims to #MakeUnhealthyHealthy and it does, deliciously so. They have vegan coolers, vegan coffee, vegan pancakes, vegan burgers, and well, vegan everything, really. Oh, and did we mention the rainbow pizza that’s vegan too?

Our recommendations: Any of the things we mentioned above.

2. Kitchen Garden by Suzette

A sister outlet of the beloved Suzette, Kitchen Garden boasts vegan smoothies, soups, and mains too. It’s situated opposite Gold’s Gym — right in the heart of healthy living, if you ask us!

Our recommendations: Bulgur Tabbouleh or the 5 Greens Soup.

3. The Yoga House

The name itself is a big giveaway, and apart from the many terrific vegan options in its menu, it’s quite a gorgeous, comfortable restaurant too.

Our recommendations: I Am Daring, or I Am Completing Health bowls.

4. The Village Shop

A beautiful restaurant situated in the quiet bylanes of Bandra’s Chimbai village, The Village Shop is not entirely vegan, but has a good range of healthy, delicious vegan food on offer. Seriously though, even if you’re not vegan, we highly recommend you try it out.

Our recommendations: Soul Bowl for mains, and the Gooey Chocolate Cake (yes, vegan!) for dessert.

5. Foodgasm

Much like The Village Shop, Foodgasm doesn’t have a designated vegan menu, but does have a vast range of options for vegans. Right from beverages to breakfasts, mains, and even the Pani Puri with a twist (think quinoa with pomegranate water), it’s quite the experience!

Our recommendations: Sakahari Kheema Pav, Desi Soy Bolognese.

6. Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar

If you’re looking for a power-packed vegan breakfast after a run or a workout, Sequel is the place to head to. Their bowls are incredibly nutritious and filling, and arguably the best in Bandra, if not all of Mumbai!

Our recommendations: The Vegan Protein Bowl.

7. Buddha Bowl

This takeaway joint does hearty buddha bowls, each complete with the three essential macronutrients: carbs, fat, and protein. They have a couple of vegan options for each course, and they sound delicious.

Our recommendations: The Bong Chong Bowl (spicy potato wedges, fresh vegetables and quinoa pilaf), and the Ceylon Bowl (Sri Lankan curry with soy chunks and brown rice).

8. Birdsong – The Organic Cafe

Hidden in one of Bandra’s many quaint lanes lies Birdsong, an organic cafe that promotes healthy eating. With a hoard of vegan options in pizzas and the mains (made using vegan cheese, by the way), it will certainly leave you asking for more.

Our recommendations: Any of their pastas or risottos

9. Ray’s Cafe & Pizzeria

Sure, they have vegan salads, but Ray’s is known for its rather scrumptious pizzas. And if you’re vegan, you’re in luck, for they’ll make special vegan pizzas for you if you ask.

Our recommendations: Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable or the Fire and Smoke pizza.

10. Vibe Liquiteria

They only serve smoothies and coffees, but these are completely vegan — creatively made using nut milk, and actually incredibly tasty. Given its calm ambience, Vibe is a great place to sit and work too.

Our recommendations: Basic Bro (a naturally sweet banana and dates smoothie).

We’re sure Bandra has more options, but these are our favourites. Let us know your favourite vegan dishes or restaurants by commenting below.

Image Credit: Kitchen Garden





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