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10 Desserts That Prove Chocolate Is Better Than Sex

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10 Desserts That Prove Chocolate Is Better Than Sex

Satisfy your cocoa cravings

From the neighbourhood bakery to the fancy new patisserie, everyone does chocolate desserts and they almost always taste pretty damn good. There’s no such thing as bad chocolate, right? Then again, some do it better than the others.

These cakes and confections, aside from being totally Insta-worthy, are loaded with flavours so good they’ll tug at your heartstrings.

1. Oozing Tub Cake

This dessert is literally a tub full of liquid chocolate that will ooze on to your plate. At Elementaria Bakery you can try it in Hazelnut, Red Velvet, Oreo, or Intense Chocolate.

They also do a 48-layer pastry with six different flavour elements — big enough for a group of four.

2. Nutella Waffles

Coffee by Di Bella popularised Belgian waffles in Mumbai and they’re still the best in our opinion — crisp on the outside and soft ’n fluffy inside. The Nutella one is delish, with French vanilla ice cream and generous layers of our favourite hazelnut spread.

3. Nutella Well Cake

Can’t get enough of Nutella? Dig in to the Well Cake at The Boston Cupcakery. It’s filled to the brim with pure Nutella goodness and topped with chocolate sauce and ice cream… mmm!

4. Chocolate Ball on Fire

A little bit of theatre and a whole lot of taste — Pa Pa Ya’s signature dessert consists of toffee sauce that’s flambéed at the table right before your eyes. It’s then poured over the chocolate ball to break it open.

Hidden inside is a scoop of vanilla ice cream sitting on a bed of cookie crumble and candied nuts, served with extra chocolate sauce to make it extra yum.

5. Hazelnut Mousse

Hazelnut and chocolate is a match made in heaven. Don’t believe us? Try the Hazelnut Mousse at Sassy Teaspoon. It’s soft and airy, and simply melts in the mouth.

6. Gooey Chocolate (Vegan)

This dessert is vegan and gluten-free, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. The Village Shop also does a vegan Chocolate Almond Mousse as well as Vegan Brownies that frankly even non-vegans will thoroughly enjoy.

7. Molten Lava Cake

Perhaps the most popular dessert at Chili’s American Grill & Bar, the Molten Lava Cake is filled with sumptuous, smooth chocolate. Slice it open and watch the lava explode.

8. Chocolate Burger

Chocolate makes everything better, so why not add it to a burger? Find this unusual dish at The Rolling Pin.

The burger bun is made of cocoa flour with a chocolate ice cream ‘patty’ inside, and sweet flakes of ‘cheese’ and ‘lettuce’. Be prepared for a sugar rush!

9. Chocolate Fondue

The fondue at Chocolateria San Churro is divine — dip your churros, brownie, marshmallows and fruit in a potful of Belgian couverture chocolate and fly away to heaven.

10. Whisky Chocolate Pate

If you like your chocolate spiked with some booze (who doesn’t?) then try the Whisky Pate at The Goose & Gridiron. With dark chocolate ganache and more than a touch of whisky, this dessert will make you trip!

What’s your favourite chocolate dessert in Mumbai? Tell us in the comments below.

Title Image Credit: (1) Pa Pa Ya, (2) Lava Cakes



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