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10 Cheese-Loaded Dishes In Delhi



10 Cheese-Loaded Dishes In Delhi

Have your cheddar and eat it too!

‘Say cheese’ is a happy expression and not just for the camera. Add cheese to any recipe — and it ends up tasting twice as nice. Cheddar, feta, mozzarella… bring it on!

If you love cheese as much as we do, allow us to tempt you with some of the cheesiest dishes Delhi has to offer.

1. Burrata Cheese at Ek Bar

It doesn’t get cheesier than burrata, which is literally a blob of mozzarella with cream cheese inside.

At Ek Bar, the classic Italian cheese gets a desi twist with the addition of cherry tomato chutney, corn crisps, and walnut pesto. Our mouth’s watering already!

2. Cheesy Garlic Fries at Wood Box Cafe

This restaurant chain gives you more reason to love fries than you already do.

They serve mushy fries topped with burnt garlic and oodles of cream. No wonder it’s one of their bestsellers!

3. Cheesy Nachos Platter at Summer House Cafe

Cheese-loaded nachos have become a popular binge food now, easily available at markets and malls across Delhi. But at Summer House Cafe they’re extra-extra cheesy, served with corn kernels and a side of salsa. You can also add chicken to this Tex-Mex dish.

4. Burrata Papdi Chaat at Indian Accent

Papdi chaat and cheese? Trust Indian Accent to innovate! This yum dish is a fusion of your regular papdis and saunth chutney on a bed of creamy burrata cheese with some nuts — and it looks as good as it tastes.

5. Cheese Cigars at The Hudson Cafe

The crisp, thin filo rolls resemble a cigar with a generous filling of cheese. This dish at The Hudson Cafe comes with a sweet honey dip, delicious and sinful for anyone who loves their cheese.

6. Cheese Omelette at Rahul Egg Corner

Rahul Eggs started off modestly, and today, is one of the most popular joints in North Delhi.

They do 350 different varieties in egg alone! Ask for extra cheese on your dish, and they’ll make it so extra, you’ll be left asking for more. The Jalandhari Omelette is a must-try.

7. Mushroom Cheese Burst at Rico’s

Rico’s has a lot to offer to cheese lovers, and Mushroom Cheese Burst is one of their top sellers.

It’s an oven-baked crumbed mushroom dish filled with loads and loads of mozzarella cheese. Can you handle the temptation?

8. Chicken Ravioli at Big Chill

Perfectly cooked ravioli filled with minced chicken, doused in super-creamy cheese sauce, and sprinkled with fine parmesan… sigh! Now that’s what we call seriously cheesy.

We suggest you finish the dish before you call for anything else, because the famous restaurant chain serves up a very generous portion.

9. Mac & Cheese at Big Yellow Door

This cute cafe has quite a few cheese dishes on their menu, such as the Cheese Bomb Burger and Creamy Cheese Pasta, that people love. But the yummiest, of course, is the original baked Mac & Cheese.

10. Cheese Souffle at United Coffee House

Finally, indulge in a fine-dining experience with the Suisse Cheese Souffle here. It’s a pan full of molten Camembert cheese cooked in white wine, luscious and delicious!

So, while cheese pizzas and pastas are way too common, why not try these unusual cheese dishes?

If you enjoyed this list, please do share it with your friends. Which dish did you find most appealing? Tell us in the comments below.

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar




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