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#indibeatafternoons: Fitness & Social Media

Indibeat Afternoons - fitness


#indibeatafternoons: Fitness & Social Media

A new Twitter chat series by indibeat

Team indibeat is proud to present its weekly Twitter chat sessions: #indibeatafternoons. Every week, we take on a new topic and discuss issues that are relevant to Indian millennials – from career to fitness, society, trends and more.

In our second session, we chat with two influencers about fitness in the times of social media, exploring its true meaning and how social media affects the way we look at fitness.

We also touch upon how to follow the right accounts and gain the right knowledge about fitness.

The Participants

Chitra: @BombayBellyrina

Mehul Ved: @mehulved

Here’s an excerpt from the Twitter session:

IB: Fitness is a hot topic on social media. Do you think that’s the only reason people are taking it up?

@BombayBellyrina: I think it is, and I feel it’s one of the best things social media has achieved! After all, even if it’s just for the ‘likes’, at least people are moving and getting fitter. That’s how #TwitterGetsFitter began!

@mehulved: Even if it’s a fad, with good availability of knowledge, it can become a useful trend. I’m all for it. I started with cycling after seeing it on Twitter and today it’s become part of my lifestyle.

IB: What does fitness really mean to you?

@BombayBellyrina: To me, it’s being healthy, strong, and self-sufficient. My yardstick? I should be able to walk unassisted when I’m old.

@mehulved: For me, it has become a part of my daily routine. It isn’t the same for everybody, but I’m all for following what works for you.

IB: What does the fitness industry not talk about on social media, something people must know?

@BombayBellyrina: The difference between being truly healthy and looking like a ‘fitspo’ post. Healthy looks different on every body.

@mehulved: The benefits of regular and slow progress over a long period of time is something understated, in favour of quick results. The other is nutrition. (There are) too many brands focusing on packaged food and supplements, and fewer focusing on good old wholesome, natural food.

IB: What is it that the fitness industry really needs right now? Especially on social media?

@BombayBellyrina: More body positivity, more real results. A lot less stress to look like a fitness model.

@mehulved: Focus on how people can pick right sort of activity that they’ll enjoy, and build the right lifestyle rather than go out of their way to be fit.

IB: So many fake accounts with Photoshop, magic pills etc. How do we differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake?

@BombayBellyrina: That’s a tricky one. But rule of thumb – ignore the “magic pills”. As for Photoshop, try checking the edges and backgrounds.

@mehulved: I guess this is the responsibility of those of us who understand fitness – to build the right kind of information that’s easily available to new people, and call out the bad things we see. Anything that promises overnight results without efforts is a lie.

IB: Any fitness accounts you recommend?

@BombayBellyrina: My personal favourite is @DumbbellsnDrama because, how badass is this woman?! Very real, very true. #TwitterGetsFitter is a great source of very real people and their efforts and progress.

@mehulved: A few of them would be @KilterCon, @girishmallya, and @shailjas.

We feel motivated after this chat. Looks like it’s time to hit the gym!

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Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar



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