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6 Snazzy Fitness Tools To Inspire Your Workouts



6 Snazzy Fitness Tools To Inspire Your Workouts

Fun and functional fitness gear for some serious #fitspo!

New Year resolutions are meant to be broken – not. Earlier this month, we shared a handy guide to help you stick to your fitness goals. But if that’s not enough, we bring you some snazzy fitness gear that provides just the push you need to go complete your workouts.

So don’t give up on your new-year-new-me plan just yet! These fun and functional tools will reignite your motivation levels.

1. Yoga Mats from Kosha Yoga & Kaivalyadham

If yoga is your jam, Kosha has some really cool designs for their mats. The prints are abstract, colourful, artsy, and even hipster, some might say. Best part? They’re made of all-natural materials.

The Kosha ones are high-end, so for a cheaper range of equally cool, eco-friendly yoga mats, check out Kaivalyadham’s options.

2. Protein Shakers from iShake

Protein shakes are all the buzz at gyms these days. While a regular bottle could do the trick, a protein shaker is spill-free and better quality too. So get yourself a nice, big one to hold your post-workout drink. iShake is a Delhi-based company that specialises in protein shakers, so they’ve got a good variety on offer. Take your pick!

3. Dumbbell Water Bottles from Prop Shop

You’ve probably already seen a bunch of people carrying these dumbbell water bottles around. Can’t deny how adorable they are; plus, you can actually fill them with water and lift! Prop Shop has them in many different colours to choose from.

4. Home Gym Accessories from Aurion World

If you’re putting together a home gym, check out the equipments available on Aurion World. From dumbbells to pull up bars and extra strong exercise tubes, (even a forearm strengthener!), they have a bunch of premium tools to get you started. As far as dumbbells go, you’ll get rubberised ones, steel ones, and the works.

5. Jump Ropes from BuyJumpRopes

When you actually have a good quality skipping rope, you realise skipping isn’t that hard after all! They are so small and easy to carry around that you’ll never have an excuse to skip a workout. These guys have amazing variety in jump ropes to suit everyone’s tastes.

6. Gym Wear from Koovs

Oh, the understated joys of well-fitting yoga pants! Go through Koovs’ collection for gym wear — from geometric, to tie-dye, to floral, there’s so much variety in leggings these days. One thing we can promise is that looking stylish at the gym has real potential to up your motivation!

All of these products can be ordered online, and are delivered across India.

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