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6 Exercise Moves You’ve Been Doing Wrong


6 Exercise Moves You’ve Been Doing Wrong

Fix your form for better results

You’ve gathered all the inspiration, got new workout gear for yourself, hit the gym, and are killing it with #beastmode updates on Instagram. Great going! But are you struggling with results?

Do you feel you’re working hard but not seeing the muscle tone, even after fixing your diet? Chances are you’re probably not engaging the right muscles, which also means you’re putting yourself at risk of injury.

All of us tend to make some common mistakes while starting out, especially without the right guidance. S0 why not check the basics and see if we’re on the right track?

As a fitness blogger at Dumbbells & Drama, I’ve got you the best tips to rectify your exercise mistakes and see optimum results:

1. Bicep Curls

How it’s done:

Mistake: Two common mistakes include moving the body while moving the arms, and moving the entire arm. Another thing people do is moving the weight all the way up to their shoulders.

Fix it! The elbows stay tucked in and fixed to your sides, your body stays still, and you lift the weight using your bicep muscles only.

If you engage the bicep muscle properly, the weights won’t even get as far up as your shoulders. The only part of your body that should be moving is your forearms.

When you lift the weights up, pause at the top, then lower the weights back slowly for maximum engagement of the muscle.

2. Tricep Push Downs

How it’s done:

Mistake: A mistake almost everyone makes while using cables for tricep push backs is that they don’t entirely push back the arm to engage the tricep muscle.

What this means is that while pulling the cable down, the hand is still bent at the elbow, so the tricep muscle is not engaged.

Fix it! You need to keep your elbows locked in place. When you bring the cable down, make sure your hands go down fully and that the elbows, while locked in place, are not bent, and you feel the tricep muscle contracting.

If you engage the right muscle, you’ll feel the burn, we assure you.

3. Squat

How it’s done:

Mistake: Bending forward while squatting is a mistake. Another thing that we have noticed is that many people point their knees inwards while squatting, and hence are unable to go down into a deep squat.

Fix it! Keep your back straight, push your hips back while going down, bend your knees — but keep them pointed away from each other, and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor (or as low as you can go).

Keep your head aligned with the spine. It’s like you’re lowering yourself to sit on a chair!

4. Push Up

How it’s done:

Mistake: When doing a push up, most people tend to bend their back, so the head touches the ground first. Another mistake is the movement of hips only, not of the upper body.

Fix it! Rise from the ground by applying force from your arms. Keep the back straight — only the arms must move up and down.

When you lower yourself, make sure the chest touches the floor.

5. Lunges

How it’s done:

Mistake: Bending the torso forward, which also means that the knee extends beyond the ankle.

Fix it! Keep your back straight, and lower yourself straight down into a position where your knees and shin are at right angles with each other.

Then rise up straight, and repeat the movement.

6. Plank

How it’s done:

Mistake: Raising the hips too high or allowing them to sag, which increases the strain on your lower back.

Fix it! You need to aim at forming a straight line with your head, hips, and heels. Your elbows must be directly below your shoulders and your feet should be hip-width apart.

All of us make mistakes — it’s part of the fitness journey. But the important thing is to learn from your mistakes and make it right, which I hope I’ve helped you with today.

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An Army kid in pursuit of culinary nirvana, Protima Tiwary is a freelance travel writer by day and Dumbbells and Drama, a fitness blogger by night. High on love and life, she is mildly obsessed about cupcakes and to-do lists, and loves her long runs like a fat kid loves cake. While she fumbles towards fame as a writer, she believes living life with a little bit of flair and exaggeration makes things interesting. Blog -

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