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Trend watch: Let kurtas lead the way



Trend watch: Let kurtas lead the way

Kurtas for men this festive season, with tips by designer Rohan Rita Agnani.


Fashion weeks come and go, shops replace stocks, but certain style statements outlast the seasonal storms and come out with flowing colours. The kurta is one of those. Airy, comfy, and amazingly breathable with the right kind of fabric – a kurta is the best thing to beat India’s infamous tropical weather while looking your best. 

Technically, there are many kinds of kurtas in India, each reflecting an ethnicity – from Lucknowi to Dogri to Assamese to Sindhi – made in many kinds of shapes and materials. But stereotypically, there are only two kinds – the artsy-activist kurta and the trendy-designer kurta. Or so it seems!

Just anything off a Fabindia shelf would suffice, but it would do just about that. For a closer look at what’s in vogue and what will last, we caught up young Mumbai-based designer Rohan Rita Agnani and asked him what works best for men. Below are his gems of advice.

What works best for Indian climes?

Fabric plays the most important role in summer, and the best suited for sultry weather are mul, cotton and linen. Fabrics such as viscose and poly-cotton blends don’t work as well.

What are the upcoming trends for this season?

Ikat is huge! As are Ajrakh, Batik, Indigo, Chikan and Kota doria. Mul too, with a lot of playing of layers and transparency. In terms of style, ankle-length kurtas and the Angrakha style are big. Teaming kurtas with a Bundhi or Nehru jacket is in, as are potli buttons, and droopy shoulders – oversizing the shoulders so they droop from either side to your biceps. Natural dyes and denim kurtas are other emerging trends.

What would you say are evergreen trends in kurtas?

I can think of more than a couple here.

Khadi: Maybe it is the conscience of saving a dying art or the charm of a rustic look that we prefer a khadi kurta, either way it’s never gonna leave us.

Knee length and more: Men look sleek, smart and irresistible in a full-length kurta and that’s something that we can’t get bored of.

Block prints: Natural dyed block prints will always play an important role in Indian ethnic dressing.

How should personality affect the choice?

Personality and clothing are inseparable. Clothing is the canvas to show the world your aesthetic flair. What you wear in the form of prints, cuts and details should be the very essence of your own personality. God is in the details and so are you!

What brand of kurta are you wearing this summer?

This summer I’ll be spotted in my self-designed range of fabulous indigo prints on cotton 😉

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