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Your Guide to Being Parisian Chic Without Breaking the Bank

Your Guide to Being Parisian Chic Without Breaking the Bank


Your Guide to Being Parisian Chic Without Breaking the Bank

Coco Chanel, Marion Cotillard, Brigitte Bardot and many more — is it safe to say that French women know style better than most?

If you have ever been to France or just follow fashion closely (yes, flipping through Vogue counts), you must have noticed one thing about French women; they carry themselves extremely well. Besides looking effortlessly chic even for a coffee run, French women and especially Parisian ones, have a specific sense of style which makes them stand apart. Call them “mysterious” “undone” or just “unforced”, French women follow the “don’t” rule better than the “dos”. 

If you always wanted to look Parisian chic, then here are some style essentials that go a long way. 

Develop a Signature Look

Trends come and go but style sticks and define you. That’s why most Parisian fashionistas stay clear of trends and prefer to buy clothes that flatter them. It’s all about developing a certain signature look and sticking with it. Yes, they may update their wardrobe with some latest trendy items, but their style atheistic rarely changes.

Style Tip:  Depending on your personality and preference, invest in classic pieces such as a great blazer or slim pants then start building your signature style. Be patient, because defining a particular look takes time but you will also have a lot of fun on the way!

Keen to define your signature look? Then get inspired by checking out some classic French looks here.

Don’t Wear Ill-Fitted Clothes

Since you have to dress up, wear clothes that fit well; is the motto French women swear by. Forget (or trash!) loose, baggy clothes that make you look like a hanger; clothes should flatter your body and should fit well, period. Also, French women not wary of taking the help of a tailor to ensure that everything in their closet fits perfectly – from dresses to pants.

Style Tip: Well-fitting doesn’t mean “body hugging” and it’s important to know the difference.  A loose kurta will look on a great pair of fitted jeans and not baggy ones.

Keen for some more practical tips to get your “French on”? Get browsing!

Own At least One Signature Pair of Shoes

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman with good shoes is never ugly!” and as it seems, French women do believe this saying. You don’t really need really 10 pairs of shoes to make the right impression; more often than not, one great pair does the job. That’s why most French women will own that one fabulous pair of shoes which can also easily transition from day to night.

Style Tip: Investing in a signature pair of shoes doesn’t mean you purchase the highest pair of heels, because it’s simply not practical. All you need is a gorgeous pair of flats or maybe with kitten heels and you are ready to go.

Here are some everyday fashion secrets that you can adapt from French women.

Last but not the least, French women never try too hard to make an impression, so take it easy, be yourself, be comfortable and let your natural charisma do the job.

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