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Devyani Kapoor of Breviloquent tells us how to make it in the world of blogging

As summer sets in, we scour our wardrobes for the perfect comfy yet stylish OOTD. While there are scores of online fashion blogs to look to for inspiration, only a few of them truly stand out. One such blog is Breviloquent, style project of Delhi-based Devyani Kapoor.

Through her blog, Devyani presents her unique take on thrifted as well as high street clothing. Her photos are set in everyday scenarios with a vintage touch, making them totally Instagrammable. But it takes more than just good photos to drive the success of a blog.

In an interview with Indibeat, Devyani tells us how to make it in the world of blogging.

IB: When and how did you decide that you want to start blogging?

Devyani: I started this journey of stepping up into a new zone of my life five years back when I decided to quit my corporate job, as I wasn’t really happy back there. The blog, which now has been renamed into ‘Breviloquent’ and has evolved into a personal style blog, actually started as a platform for me to pen down my thoughts, ideas and creativity, all through words, as I love to write.

IB: What are some of the challenges you face while trying to keep your blog popular and relevant?

Devyani: The fashion blogging industry in India can be associated with quite a few challenges. First, the acceptance of blogging as a profession is still neglected as a far-sighted idea, where brands prefer to barter rather than paying bloggers for their services.

Second, people these days want to ‘see’ rather than ‘read’, which even though not sustainable, has a limitation of visual representation attached to it, which is widely accepted.

Lastly, quantity is preferred over quality and it is a number game. The more number of followers you have, the more popular you appear to be, even though followers can also be bought these days.

IB: What suggestion do you have for millennials trying to establish and popularise their blogs?

Devyani: It might appear that blogging these days is about the pictures, but eventually it is about the content. I would suggest all to focus on their content, to produce content, which is absolutely uncompromised in terms of honesty and its quality. Years down in this profession, you might look old and your pictures might change but your words will remain the same and hold the same impact and beauty. So make sure your followers come back to you for your content, to read, cherish and enjoy.

IB: Summer has hit town in a big way. Could you share some summer styling tips with our readers?

Devyani: Summer for me calls for comfortable clothing and calm, breathing fabrics. I would really suggest the readers to try on flowy, cotton sarees as an inevitable styling element for summers. I am also coming up with a saree-styling series through which I will be sharing different ways to drape a saree. I am also trying to promote ‘anti-fit’ as a mode of styling in summer—to keep it cool and also to break the shackles of body-shaming.

You can follow Devyani on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Image Credit: Breviloquent



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