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10 Of The Cheapest Beer Hubs In Mumbai: Under Rs 150



10 Of The Cheapest Beer Hubs In Mumbai: Under Rs 150

If you’re looking to score some booze on the cheap, then this list is tailor-made for you

A reasonable, inexpensive night out with friends without financial headaches and mental maths is quickly becoming a myth. The truth is, unless you make it in time for Happy Hours, you end up paying an exorbitant amount (plus taxes and service charge) for a drink, which, of course, causes your wallet to bleed dry.

However, compromise a little on the ambience and the ‘crowd’, and you’ll find yourself cutting the cost by half — swiftly turning you into a regular patron who swears by these gems.

If you’re looking for one such beer hub near you, then well, we guarantee that you’ll love more than a few on this list:

1. PJs, Pali Hill, Bandra

Pay a one-time entry charge of 50 bucks, and trust us when we say, that’ll be the best 50 bucks you’ve ever spent. This resto-bar serves a pint of beer for Rs 100.

Hard drinks like whiskey, rum, and gin are as cheap as Rs 30! The food, reasonably priced, is surprisingly delicious too.

Cost for a pint: Rs 100

2. Janata, Pali Market, Bandra

Ask anyone who drinks in the city, and they’ll tell you they’ve been to Janata at least once in their life.

Paresh Patel, a regular patron, says, “Janata has the magical power to attract the snobbiest folk. Head there anytime you like, and you’ll stumble upon an interesting juxtaposition of your typical townie sitting next to an autowala. It’s unreal!”

Cost for a pint: Rs 120

3. Yacht, Hill Road, Bandra

If you’re too broke to give a damn about the ambience or the crowd you find yourself surrounded by, head to Yacht in Bandra for dirt cheap booze.

Situated just off Hill Road, it was recently renovated, but still retains its old school charm, and more importantly, the cheap rates.

Cost for a pint: Rs 130

4. Amrapali, Fort

Bars in Fort are usually ridiculously expensive, so Amrapali is a relief for those who’re looking to score a cheap drink in a bar with air conditioning. And oh, their starters are quite cheap and filling too.

Cost for a pint: Rs 150

5. Sunlight, Marine Lines

While some might prefer its sister establishment, Kit Kat, Sunlight is definitely the better pick of the two in our humble opinion.

Bustling with locals and broke students alike, it’s known for its cheap booze and reasonably priced food (and the jukebox!).

Cost for a pint: Rs 100

6. Gokul, Colaba

One of the most popular budget bars in SoBo, if not the city, Gokul has a bit of a cult status amongst students. There are two sections — the regular section, and the A/C section with slightly inflated prices. Given a pint costs 100 bucks and the accompaniments don’t taste half bad either, it’s not difficult to see why it’s so popular.

Cost for a pint: Rs 100

7. Booze on Moods, Parel

Aashna Gupta, a regular at Booze on Moods, says, “It’s your regular pre-party, pre-gaming spot for most clubbing enthusiasts. The perks include relatively cheap alcohol, palatable food and a decent ambience. Much better than paying three times as much at a night club, if you ask me.”

Cost for a pint: Rs 155

8. Pop Tate’s, multiple locations across Mumbai

The point of this list is cheap beer, but even if we take the alcohol factor away, Pop Tate’s would still be a really good restaurant to dine in. Try the potato wedges and chicken wings to go with your drink.

Cost for a pint: Rs 146

9. The Tipsy Townhouse, Fort

Two stories big, The Tipsy Townhouse is perfect for large groups. With delicious food platters, hookah, great music, and of course, cheap beer on offer, it’s one of the best reasonable drinking options in this part of town.

Cost for a pint: Rs 110

10. Bottles, Versova

To round off our list, we feature one of Andheri’s most trusted resto-bars, called Bottles. The pints are cheap all right, but what really works for Bottles is that they readily serve pitchers, which, if shared by a group, will prove to be even cheaper.

Cost for a pint: Rs 140

Did we miss your favourite cheap beer spot? Tell us in the comments below.

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar





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