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6 Organic And Natural Beauty Brands We Love

6 Organic And Natural Beauty Brands We Love - 6 Organic And Natural Beauty - indibeat


6 Organic And Natural Beauty Brands We Love

Everyone’s going crazy over organic beauty products, rightfully so. Here’s a curated list of our top favorites.

Move over chemicals and fancy ingredients. Beauty now is all about embracing natural ingredients and using simple but effective products.

Beauty brands that seek natural solutions are the new rage and rightly so. Free of harmful chemicals, these keep us safe from breakouts and allergies, and the long-term effects of toxic ingredients. Many of them are based on fair-trade models and also take care to avoid any form of animal testing.

No more sulphate shampoos, no creams and lotions soaked in parabens. Splurge or save—there’s a brand for every budget:


This Delhi brand is winning hearts and skin with its ‘kool, karing and kind’ mantra. With an emphasis on SLS- and paraben-free products, the focus is on local ingredients and recyclable packaging.

What to buy: Fans of kitchen remedies will love the ginger-infused Fabulous Fix. Coconut oil gets a makeover in the Anti Turm(Oil)—it leaves your hair smooth and smelling of lavender blossoms.


We have been fans of the brand’s comfy clothing and chic decor items for years. But Fabindia’s personal care products are just as fabulous and extensive. From acne to dandruff, find your hero products here.

What to buy: The Charcoal Face Pack promises clear skin free of sebum and grime. Once you’ve got that glow, keep it up through the day with a cooling Lemongrass Facial Spray.


The secret behind these products are their ingredients—flowers, herbs and wild fruits, ethically sourced from the Himalayas. SoulTree is the only Indian brand with a ‘natural’ certification for all its products

What to buy: Forget black! Colourful Ayurvedic Kajal in shades like moss green and copper are instant pick-me-ups. And the aromatic Rose Vetiver Shower Gel makes us crave longer baths.

The Nature’s Co

There are many reasons to have this brand in our favorites list. It’s a vegan—PETA-certified—brand that refrains from animal testing. Then there are those lush flavours—marshmallow, watermelon, walnut, mint, jasmine and hibiscus. What’s not to love?

What to buy: The Hibiscus Hair Cleanser leaves tresses squeaky clean and garden fresh. If your hands need some TLC, look no further than the Kiwi Hand and Nail Cream.


Yoga for your skin and hair? This skincare brand draws from the Ayurveda to create wholesome products based on ingredients like oats and green tea, evocative of a yogic lifestyle.

What to buy: When your feet need a show of love, give it a scrub with their Tea Tree Cinnamon Exfoliator. Follow up your yoga class or the gym session with a specially crafted anti-bacterial Neem Purifier.  

Forest Essentials

If a luxe beauty regimen is your ultimate indulgence, you will find this brand full of gems. The products are expensive, but worth their price. Bonus points for empowering trade practices and awesome commercials.

What to buy: One of the brand’s superhits is their anti-ageing Soundarya Facial Serum. Its new collection combines Pomegranate with Kerala Lime, a heady union of sweet and sour.

Natural and organic products aren’t just good for your skin and hair, they are kinder on our planet. We sure love the new arsenal of beauty brands that are adopting Mother Nature as their inspiration.

Image courtesy Forest Essentials



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